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  1. I need to build a box for 2 team FI 15s for a ford explorer, The subs are gonna be on a single RF T2500.1bdcp at 1.4 ohms for a couple months. Then the plan is going to be to run at least 3500rms per sub. I'm thinking 8.5-9 cubes total would be good, what do you guys think?
  2. Hey what's going on guys. I have 2 Rockford Fosgate T1 15s with the black dust cap. And the black aluminum dust caps separated from the cone on one of my subwoofers, with the help of a t2500.1bdcp hahaha. What is the best way to re attach the dust cap to the cone? This is what the cone and dust cap are made out of, per RFs website. •Anodized aluminum heat sinking dust cap •Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone
  3. Anyone else know of a shop, that will repair this amp?
  4. For sure. Didn't even think of that. Haha
  5. Well i got a t30001 that is blown. The negative and positive speaker wires touched. And now amp is stuck in protect. Any help on where to get it fixed??
  6. A buddy of mine has 2 Fi team 18s on 2 NS-1s.. look him up on facebook. He should be able to help. His name is Jake warvel.
  7. SnowDrifter.. I would love to read through that full article. Is the whole thing available somewhere?
  8. Well thats good. You got that recorded, so if needs be, you can show Ford the whole video.
  9. But that isnt the WHOLE video of his drive. Im asking if the whole drive was recorded.
  10. Now could Ford say that you was driving it hard, and therfore seized the motor? Did you have the dash cam recording for whole drive?
  11. If your using any motor flush. You have to take into consideration the condition of the motor. Quite a few of the flushes are kerosene based, and if you have leaking seals and gaskets, the motor flush could "clean" so good that it will eat away at the gaskets and clean out all that gunk that was essentially stoping an oil leak, and cause a pretty expensive oil leak.
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