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  1. ive used the one that mounts on the trunk lid, and it works good (invest in a little foam tape to cut down on scratches) and comes off really easily
  2. bike rack = 25HP lol, jk Bike racks need to be temporary though, Ive never seen any that look cool. The closest to cool looking would be the VW roof luggage racks and even those only work on the right car imo.
  3. yeah its a really easy swap, I found buckets out of an explorer that had leather seats that matched my interior, power seat on the drivers side too, they bolted right in. It took awhile to get the power seat all wired up but other than that it was a straight swap and also leather upgrade on the cheap.
  4. Find bucket seats out of an explorer, and build a sub box console. I did it a few years ago in a Ranger that I had, I ran 2 kicker Solo 12's, they were round but not considered classics at the time lol, anyways its pretty cheap and gets you alot more room.
  5. clear corners, color match bumper insert, mirrors, and door handles or escalade door handles, billet grill, 22's with 38 nitto terra-grapplers, or 28's lowering kit or bags. Depending on 2wd or 4
  6. yeah i'd keep the wheels and lower it,and if there is a problem I'd deal with it then lol
  7. The only problem with using the guide on the saw is most of the time they are inaccurate, so basically what you need to do is get an angle finder or a degree wheel and make sure that your saw is really at 45 degrees as opposed to the gauge saying it is 45 degrees. Porter Cable is an awesome saw though. It is also easier to use a table saw to make the 45s.
  8. Lol, it sounds like you've already made up your mind, but my 2 cents would be make the vertical measurement 24 inches in stead of 20, then you are looking at almost 7 cf per sub, plenty of breathing room.
  9. The only way that would have been better is if he hit a cop car, too dumb lol
  10. The wrecking balm works, but it takes forever, and it isn't cheap on top of that. IMO laser is the way to go, these days you can get laser removal for as little as 50 bucks per inch, and depending on how dark it is, you can have it gone relitively quick. lol its not cheap either way, but at least one is fast......You could also get it covered, just throwing out options.
  11. Hey, I just wanted to say that I am a tattoo artist also. I work in Oklahoma, but I do quite a bit of traveling too. Anyways I thought I would say hi to the SMD tattooed people. By the way If you would like to check out my work, check it out at www.myspace.com/devil4u2c I hope to start meeting some fellow SMD Junkies, so I will be posting when I am going out of town to let you guys know if I will be near you.
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