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  1. I haven't seen any off hand. There's a few meca shows in Ohio plus 3 IFO events. Don't know what part of Xichigan your from but feel free to come play with us Buckeyes.
  2. 8ga CCA wire on stock alt... Local shop can't beef up the stock one so I have to look into one. He recommended Ohio Generator but they were one of the most expensive for my durango. As far as battery power I have to figure out how much room I'll have with the enclosure. Keeping the second row seats so she can haul her brothers around so space may be an issue. And alot of guys here in Ohio are running the platinums. They do well but I haven't heard them in one not setup for pure spl. They are all windy and loud tho.
  3. She wants to have the loudest stereo at school, she powerlifts so she can make the boys look like girls, gets straight a's in college prep classes and does beauty pageants. A local club wants to have their guy build it so she can be part of the club but she wants her myself and my wife to build it so she can say she did it.. I guess we're going to add box builder to her list of things
  4. I looked at the death row. Xmax was lacking. Again I've never tried to hair trick. I've always been sql not spl. She thought mine was loud. 141.1 in the kick with 1 15 behing the 3rd row of a durango until she went to IFO this year. She got hooked. She took pride in sitting in a car that had 8 Tapouts in a row and she didn't budge.
  5. So we got our baby basshead a 2007 nitro. She wants to compete and possibly hairtrick but I'm not wanting to spend a ton on her first system. I'm running crossfire in my durango and am about to post my build in the build log. I'd like it all to match but I don't think I'm going to stay under budget doing that. On my radar are 2-15" Crossfire c7s, resilient sounds platinums, skar vxf(I like the price tag) and sundown x's. Anything else I should throw in the mix? Amp wise it's probably gonna be either the sundown sfb 5k or 8k or the deaf bonce aab4900 or 7900. I don't like the taramps 4ch and I think Korean is out of our budget. Any other amps I should look at?
  6. I took the wire out from under the car and found that in one spot there wasalmost no wire left. I stripped it and twisted and soldered it and taped the shit out of it and found a groove in the car where I can hide it. Now with the voltage drop I blew my amp and it's gonna be pretty expensive to get fixed. Thanks for everyone's help. As soon as I get my amp back Ima post a video of the car. Later.
  7. It is the wire. I climbed under today and checked it with a multimeter. More than half of the wire has been grinded off and it's all corroded and crap. Don't know how ima fix it yet. I can't afford a 15' strand of 0G due to the fact I don't have a job. So I'll figure something out. Thanks to eveyone.
  8. 4channel is a d3 500.4 mono is a d3 1000.1. sub is a d6 15" dual 2. Like i said batt and alt test fine. All wiring is 0G. The voltage doesn't drop under the hood. Just at the back. So to me it has to be something in the middle.
  9. Been having voltage problems lately. With just the 4 channel it is dropping to 11ish and with the subs it drops to 8ish. Not good. Tested the battery and the alternator. Checked the grounds. I do know that I bottomed out a few times and caused a tear in the 0G I have under the car. I just taped it up and didn't worry about. Now i'm convinced that it corroded and that is what is making my voltage drop. I don't have the cash right now to buy more wire and since the tear is in the middle I'll need alot. Can I cut like a 6"-1ft out and crimp ring connectors on the ends and bolt them together and tape it up real good for a temporary fix? The local shop doesn't have any 0G couplars in stock and I've never seen an 0G butt connector. Just a thought. Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I do what I can. I want to put some kick panels in soon.
  11. Diamond D6 15" Dual 2Ohm fit pretty good. Whole was a little big but there was no leak Diamond D3 1000.1 mounted above port and the stroller still fits. The finished product!!!
  12. When I built this it was ported through the front like a normal box, then I had another baby and had to modify it to fit a big ass stroller in. Now I'm glad to say my son has graduated to an umbrella stroller and I got my ported box back. I wanted to do something different so I decided to port it through the bottom of the box into the tire well and back up. I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think. Any advice or criticism is welcome. 2001 Civic EX lowered with Tsudo coil overs and 17" ASA Wheels. Using 0 Gauge ran from the alternator to the battery and from the battery under the car to the well. Alson have 0 Gauge grounds under the hood. What a friggin mess. Diamond Audio D3 500.4 running PowerBass 6x9 and 6.5 components in factory spots and a Power Acoustik 5 Farad Cap. Back seats still fold up. Pioneer Head unit that runs iPod in the glove box. My hot wife in the dash and carseats still fit in the back. Port Box and Port False floor and walls
  13. How do I upload my pics and vids to my thread? URL? Do I upload them somewhere else and use them or what? Sorry if this is a dumb question or if the answer is already on here somewhere.
  14. Just finished rebuild. Finally!!!!

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