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  1. 1st Edit: Lmfao, had too. On the side note, Congrats my man for running a great, helpful forum as well as an entertaining YouTube channel.
  2. Happy Mother's Day from the bay . Probably nice and super sunny out in your area cause in SF, it's flawless right now. Have a great one Meade and the rest of SMD
  3. Well if your using an adapter for wifi, I'm guessing the closer you are to the modem or router = better signal resulting in faster connection ? Just my 2 cents, could be wrong.
  4. Honestly, idk the facts about how you can increase your Internet connection, but I use a 75ft wire from upstairs to downstairs and I could still use twitch. But I used wired connection.
  5. But it should work on ps3 if you sign on if you just log in with your twitch account. If not, and you get an error, google the error
  6. Well for Xbox , I click the button on bo2, then it says YouTube or twitch. You then click twitch, sign in. From there it should say recording "off". You move your analog to the right once and it should say on and turn green. Then you go on the computer , log in on your account on twitch.tv and click dashboard. You should be live. Without partnership with twitch, you can't stream in 720. With a hdpvr and OBS or xSplit, you can stream in 480. Just by using the black ops2 / twitch feature ingame, you can only stream in 360? Or whatever # it is
  7. Remember grove at ? CJs block? Well it was ran by the green guys in SA, but now the purple took over. It's just perfect how the scenes flow and the ability and driving is nice
  8. GTA 5 is real life animated into the best graphics that could be made for the current gen consoles. Imagine playing a game that's real life. Shit. You can play Xbox in a game on a game. It's so realistic that your fucking axel breaks on a car. The little things make it seem real Not only that, the knockout and punching feature is beyond real
  9. Since we're talking bout twitch, if anyone likes black ops 2 and league play, Im going to be streaming. Msg me and ill leave my name. Not tryig to thread steal
  10. and I'm kinda bummed now they don't have the supra in this game but I'ma def be in the Sultan. Its a car based off a IS300 Front and a EVO rear. CLEAN! http://www.igta5.com/vehicles
  11. I would watch but I can't buy it and I don't want to spoil it. But I got an idea. GTA online. Make a SMD garage ?
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