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  1. Glad you enjoyed the build and the videos. Love seeing more and more cool fabrication work
  2. The ECO tray is a great set of router bits for those just getting started. It worked awesome to do everything for this build along with the new Carbon template shape.
  3. Now that this piece is flu sh trimmed I add the chamfer on the inside. I also cut a piece of PVC material to give a nice accent to the insert piece. The outer insert was also fabbed up to flush the center insert into place. I then cut out the center hole and the board thus allowing the subwoofers to play through it. I wrapped the insert piece with grey vinyl. Really happy with this wrap job as it turned out perfect. For all the steps in this project I used the new Mobile Solutions ECO Tray that I helped them design.
  4. Added threaded fasteners, these will secure the subwoofers in place Box assembled, and looking good, the front face is sunk down in so I can add the beauty panel I laid out my plan for the design on this outer board Here I am making the main insert piece. I stick the templates to the board and will flush trim them on the router, see the video for more details.
  5. Here is my latest project build! Starting with the finished look: For this box build I'll be using two Focal P25FS Shallow Mount Subwoofers. These have the Flax Cone. I'll be using the new Mobile Solutions Carbon Template Started with cutting all my wood, and making the speaker hole cutouts
  6. Hey all! Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions asked that I post this here in the Mobile Solutions forum:
  7. Nope, those magnets are STRONG. The key is building the box so that it is braced enough to not have any panel flex too.
  8. Let's get into the videos! Video 1 - Choosing the speakers Video 2 - Determining where to aim the speakers
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