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  1. Love me some layer fabrication, you can definitely do a lot of cool things, plan to use a similar style for the subwoofer box in the jeep build. Looking good Steve
  2. Hahaha. Ever worked at a company that said they would have to give paycuts because of the performance of the company, meanwhile owner of the company drives in with his brand new $80,000 Corvette....
  3. We deal with that every month. Gas down and something happens that it needs to go up again. Our gas was going back down and now this HEY DID YOU HEAR!? SOME CAMEL DIED IN THE MIDDLE EAST! YEAH IT WAS THE CAMEL THAT CARRIES 1 GALLON OF OIL EVERYDAY OUT OF THE REFINERY. SORRY BUT WE ARE NOW FACING A MASSIVE OIL SHORTAGE PRICES WILL NOW GO UP $2. Scam....
  4. Thanks for sharing Second Skin! I want to point out this video has explanations for the different types of sound treatment materials. There is much more to the sound “deadening” process than simply applying the Damplifer CLD materials to the metal of the vehicle. This video also addresses the use of Mass Loaded Vinyl “MLV” (Second Skins Luxury Liner Product) and Closed Cell Foam “CCF” (Second Skins Overkill Product. Here is the video: Discount Code Here: http://www.caraudiofabrication.com/#!7---sound-deaden-interior/cfhf
  5. Lol, I just stumbled across the “window shake” video the other day again. Made me think of the good ole’ chocolate shake video. Its been a while! Crazy how time flies.
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