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  1. I think if i would have aired down i might have made it easier. I had a compressor too so i coulda filled them back up. I just didn't want to have a ford, in the sand, with flat tires that is now still stuck LOL. We got it though whew! please read what i already wrote. thanks! idk how i missed that. even so i drive hwy speed for a 100m on low pressure
  2. Steve a bit of advice for sand is you need to lower your tire pressure before getting in to the soft stuff even in a 4x4. like 18-25 psi and it makes the world of difference. man that looks like a really fun area must of been a blast!!!
  3. they are normally pretty close. but not always. i find flickering light is a ok lvl but steady light seem to be full clip.
  4. some decks dont clip. do you have the subwoofer output on your deck maxxed?
  5. i understand it as the eq curve needs to be flat not on zero so i raise all the freq to the highest point of my graph then lower the ones i want to afterr using the dd-1
  6. yes got a new shorter belt the tensioner is old. i will replace it and get back to you
  7. How hard should it be to move the tensioner ? I can fully move it with 30 lbs of pressure on a regular 5/8ths socket wrench . Seems kind easy
  8. It's s gates 6 rib 91" that's 1.5 shorter than stock . I installed the stock alt today and it changed nothing still the same issues . I am emailing with Matt from mechman he's helping me sort it out. I have a feeling the truck is doing something weird.
  9. Brand new batts . No better than the batts that were in there a week ago. Voltage at alt range from 14.2-14.9 when batts are fully charged no acc on
  10. im not hearing anything. old idler arm/ new 1 inch shorter gates belt
  11. grounds from alt to frame from front batt to frame 2 grounds from rear batts to frame . voltage reading at alt is only 0.1v higher than rear batts.
  12. Bad voltage drop with a 270 amp mechman. i tried replacing all batteries, belt and running two 0 gauge front to back with double grounds to frame . So the only thing left i can think of is the truck is messing with the alt or the alt got damaged in shipping as it came with cracked plastic . ive got 2 group 31's and two group 78's overkill on the wire 1 mechman 270 , 1 saz-3500 on a 250 amp fuse. i get bad voltage drops right off the bat. hitting 12v in less that 30 seconds then it takes ten minutes to get back up to 14.4 also the alt shuts off completely at idle in gear/500 rpm. If anyone could tell me how to bypass the truck so i can find out if its messing with me that would be great. any other suggestions would be great too.
  13. they make dual 4 ohm sa-12's. you can go to the dealer locator on the sundown website and find a brick and mortar store nearest you.
  14. Did you see the cutout diameter on the 10"? lol. -Jamie M. Indeed -- the 10" is a bit over-sized to fit the spider size I wanted and allow reasonable access to the terminals. No complaints from me, just thought you could call it maybe 11" subwoofer Much appreciated SSA doesn't seem to like to reply to e-mail, and their website says $0 shipping to Canada (which is of course not correct). CSG said they'll be getting in some Zv4's soon so I'll spend my money there instead where are u in canada? ill point you to your authorized canadian dealer
  15. i think i would do 2.75-3 if i was u. but your really pushing the limit
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