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  1. I almost bought these many years ago, they 2 600 ti amps in a single chassis. Defintely PG most rarest amp. Reactors, Octane, Outlaw, Route 66, Franknstein and son of frank, MS 2250. I had them all but never could afford the 2400 the guy in the us wanted for these. Guy in Italy bought all mine.
  2. I competed against kimo for a few years, the guy never quits. I constantly had to change up and get louder because of his dedication. Has he came out and said he's really quitting? We all know Alpine talking retirement ain't new, but Kimo? I sure would like to hear from him, or did I miss that?
  3. As long as you can prove it didn't have back seats, it's no problem. If it's a car like a CRX, it's pretty known. However some cars may have had a year or years where they didn't have seats in the rear. What year and make? We can look it up. That way u have proof if ever questioned.
  4. As of 2012: The rule is amps rated at no more then 2000w. Long as the rms stated by manufacture is not over 2000 watts your fine. Any rating above 2000w at any voltage or ohm level by the manufacture would deem the amp in violation of rule.
  5. the nice trophy's are in upper lake the day before, come get them! I hear there's a few competitors that are planning on attending both!
  6. I know we did, i think waynes messed it up, he always bitches when i call him... my apology on ranting, and Ron's went thru why i was like wtf! They look the same to me... http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=12867&Method=1001 dB Drag Racing - Extreme Place Country Competitor SPL FoMax 1 Team SSC - Ron 156.2 71 Elimination Bracket Detail dB Drag Racing - Street Stock Place Country Competitor SPL FoMax 1 Team SSC - Dan
  7. Results are up! unfortunately for me I got screwed after I drive 250+ miles and win and somebody fucks up my name and I don't receive my points, that's what makes it not worth it! 80 buxs I put out, and now I got to beg like a lil bitch to get what I payed for shown as a result on something I worked for Makes me think a second time if I wanna keep doing it
  8. Our buddy kimo was unable to make it, our thoughts and prayers go out to u bud, get better soon!
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