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  1. I almost bought these many years ago, they 2 600 ti amps in a single chassis. Defintely PG most rarest amp. Reactors, Octane, Outlaw, Route 66, Franknstein and son of frank, MS 2250. I had them all but never could afford the 2400 the guy in the us wanted for these. Guy in Italy bought all mine.
  2. the nice trophy's are in upper lake the day before, come get them! I hear there's a few competitors that are planning on attending both!
  3. I know we did, i think waynes messed it up, he always bitches when i call him... my apology on ranting, and Ron's went thru why i was like wtf! They look the same to me... http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=12867&Method=1001 dB Drag Racing - Extreme Place Country Competitor SPL FoMax 1 Team SSC - Ron 156.2 71 Elimination Bracket Detail dB Drag Racing - Street Stock Place Country Competitor SPL FoMax 1 Team SSC - Dan
  4. Results are up! unfortunately for me I got screwed after I drive 250+ miles and win and somebody fucks up my name and I don't receive my points, that's what makes it not worth it! 80 buxs I put out, and now I got to beg like a lil bitch to get what I payed for shown as a result on something I worked for Makes me think a second time if I wanna keep doing it
  5. Our buddy kimo was unable to make it, our thoughts and prayers go out to u bud, get better soon!
  6. just a queston about this show, meca isnt affiliated with dbdrag at all and aren't part of the world finals correct? This show being the same day I was curious.
  7. I was at a 2 day show, the hosts were yappin their van did 154, I listened... The next day the show had loudest vehicle won 100 bucks... So, I called up Meade and told him it wasn't louder then his.... He showed up and did a 154.x and their durango only 152.x When we asked them what they changed from their 154, they said ooh that was in a different truck we built.
  8. 1400 Watts total on 2 DD 9500 series? That's a joke for power with those subs. Put at least 3500+ to them and numbers will shoot up.
  9. My apology Alpne, defintely not chopped liver bro. From what I saw u got a nice plaque for top judge though!
  10. There trying bro, I am sure if the other judges find a way to make it lucrative to them, they will come... I haven't seen Jim Wright do any yet, he's closer to u guy's maybe he can work on something down there. Kimo and Rob are coming strong for norcal! Heck nobody said u can't put a huge 3x socal showdown down that way, once again show the judges a way to get paid and yup, they will be there!
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