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  1. So I haven't been active on the forum in awhile. Just wondering what the "death by bass" badges are for or 5 or six
  2. I don't know the whole story. But from what I have heard its fucked up!!! There are just somethings you don't do. Karma will always drop the hammer on those that think they are more important than others. Only a low life would let someone else pay for their mistakes and stealing from a friend is fucked up!!!!!
  3. Good to see Justin getting some exposure. He is one of the coolest guys out there and his Yota is a low end beast.. 2 lvl 6's on 2 5ks below 30 demos all day long!!!!!! Thats me in the back ground messing around with the Exploder no demos from me that day. Had a couple issues but it was still a fun weekend
  4. Just wanted to give Anthony over at DC a quick shout out. Great guy and top notch customer service. I sent my alt in to be re-built from a XP-270 to a XP-390. I have a comp on the 26th and was worried that the alt would not be back in time for the show. I explained this to Anthony and he assured me that it would be back in time for me to make it to the show. I figured it would be back like the day before hahahaa. The alt arrived at DC on Wednesday the 14th and was done and ready to be shipped yesterday. Alt will be here tomorrow. Just wanted to say I could not be happier with the customer service I received. Thanks again Anthony keep up the awesome work. I will definitely be a return customer due to the service I received on this transaction ( not to mention DC makes the best alts out there ...... In my opinion ). DCFTMFW!! I will post pics of the alt tomorrow.
  5. Unfortunately that is the only thing that cant change. Not unless he sales the system to someone else
  6. Yeah something dont add up. No way that he is staying above resting voltage and 25 out of 29 is damn close to full tilt and at .5 that amp will be putting a damn good load on the electrical system.
  7. nice looking sleeve.. did you get it done with a traditional machine or did you get it done the old school Tebori way?
  8. Man IM sorry I didn't take one video of the 6s. I wish I would of as they got nasty in the low 20s. Luke actually has some video of them in action. I talked to him today and he was saying he didn't have a lot of footage but he did get some and he is gonna be putting a vid together of what he did get.
  9. Those 6's were getting it in that Yota and the subs sounded bad ass too. Can't wait to see that 56+ its in there.
  10. Its cool to see you guys help him out instead of talk shit to him. To bad its not always like that.
  11. Wtf??? So does anyone have any idea why they do that ugly ass shit with their exhaust?
  12. Hey I just went to order one and it says that the 3x's are sold out. Will there be some more of that size anytime soon?
  13. Good shit... is that mess of paper just 1 phone book? How thick was that glass? It would be cool to see how thick of a piece you could break.
  14. Congrats.. That is something to be proud of and I admire you for your courage.
  15. That shit is kinda cool actually. But we want to see that sexy ass amp rack!!!
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