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  1. I run rear fill and setup time alignment so that the rears mix well with the fronts
  2. I used to run the RE Audio DTS1500-1, clamped at 965 watts at 1ohm with rise to 1.8. It was rated at 1000 watts rms at 1ohm. So it did rated. And managed a 143.7db with 1 Obsidian 15 in a 35hz tuned daily enclosure. Not too shabby. The DTS1000.1 is only rated for 800, but I bet it does all of rated. Good solid amps. I beat the piss out of mine. And its still going in another system now. Edit: My old DTS1500-1 was also purchased from Sonic
  3. Level 3 and Level 4 10" Dual 1 to 58703 No listed dealers in my area
  4. Could you get me a link? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=240-125 Sorry I gave you the wrong link the first time. You need the single female to dual male. This is the correct link
  5. Mine as well get a new head unit at that price... You can seriously get a new headunit for $102?
  6. Buy one of these. Single input dual output http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_28923_AudioControl-2XS.html Make offer at $102
  7. Sorry haven't been on here alot. The enclosure is 3.25^3cu.ft. Ports are dual 4" aeroports that are 17" long. Tuned to roughly 33hz I left that up to the designer of the enclosure Dave the Box Guy. He felt there was no need to brace them, and I trust his knowledge.
  8. I say go for it. They are rated at 2500 watts at 2ohm but will handle 1 ohm for short burst. Not a very big jump in power though, from my understanding at 1ohm they only jump to 2700 watts.
  9. My guess is glue burning off the coils. I take it you were wanging on it a little? No worries, its expected. I honestly would not worry about it right off the bat. I would be more worried if I started to hear motor noise. I say give it a week at moderate levels to let the glue settle in and then wang away.
  10. Okay I am the business manager for Pure Honda here in Minot ND. I sell a ton of sport bikes to younger guys. We have found that the two cheapest insurances are State Farm and Progressive. State Farm by far being the cheapest as they go strictly off CC's and not the type of bike.
  11. Just a couple pics of the start of my build and a couple items I have picked up for the build: Enclosure from Dave The Box Guy Pic with Obsidian 15 False Floor with Amps Enclosure just sitting in the hatch with a temp battery Front of Enclosure HeadUnit, I pick this up tomorrow Two of these should be here next week And I just ordered this tonight
  12. Yes they are rated at 500 watts RMS 1000 max. I have always been a believer in bigger is better when it comes to amps. Thats why they make the amps adjustable. And yes they are P3D412.
  13. Just wondering, I have 2 Rockford Fosgate P3-12's in a custom sparetire enclosure (fiberglass and MDF) running off an Elemental Designs Nine.1. I have been thinking about buying the Crescendo Audio 3KWP. The eD Nine.1 is rated at 1200 at 1 ohm and the Crescendo 3KWP is rated at 3000 at 1ohm. Is it really worth it? Either way I will be upgrading my stock battery and adding an extra battery.
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