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  1. Is that your van? If so, why not just pull out the factory sub and measure?
  2. Hi all, its been a while! I'm doing a big build in my van and was wondering what the best type of enclosure would be for an "all doors open" kinda build. I've created a c-pillar back shell that has about 32 cu/ft of net volume and will be doing 4 18s. My original plan was to do a flat wall but now I'm thinking about doing a 4th or a quasi/series tuned 6th. I play regular music with fairly deep bass (EDM, Rap/Hip-Hop, Top40, etc) and maybe some rebassed stuff but mainly regular music. I want this to be an SQ-L build from standing outside the vehicle and will have many mids & highs but I wan
  3. Alpine Type R back in 2005. I've heard bass from random vehicles driving by and liked it but the Type R was the first vehicle I got into.
  4. Hey guys, I made some mixes recently and they've got ALOT of bass!! Tell me how u like em! - http://soundcloud.com/kingofhearts100
  5. Hey guys I just bought the AVR 1912 and the klipsch Reference series 5.1 surround system. It sounds fantastic and everything isn't even broken in yet! My only question is, how do I bi-amp my front towers (Klipsch RF-82) to the amp with the 5.1 setup? Any help is appreciated, thanks! Here's the specs for the speaker- Speaker Type 2-way - Passive Woofer size (inches) 8.0 in, 1.0 in Nominal (RMS) Output Power 150.0 Watt Max (RMS) Output Power 600.0 Watt Response Bandwidth 33 - 23000 Hz Input Impedance 8.0 Ohm Sensitivity 98.0 dB Crossover Frequency 2000Hz Output Features Bass Reflex
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