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  1. Thanks guys, looks like I’ll be going with 4 18s! For some reason I thought the cone area is the same for both setups but I was wrong. I’m just gonna try pushing the 4 18s at 10k rms and being conservative with the gain even though each sub is rated for 1500 wrms lol
  2. Yes the 12s and 18s will both be from the ZVX V2 line. Will the extra cone area make up for the 3000 less watts?
  3. So I’m looking into doing a huge upgrade next year from my current 2 10s to either 6 12s or 4 18s. According to manufacturer specs (Skar ZVX V2) the 6 12s require slightly less box and port volume than the 4 18s. The 6 12s will be running on 9000 wrms whereas the 4 18s will be running 6000 wrms. So my question is, which will sound better and be louder? Thanks!
  4. So these came in the mail today. Gettin em installed Thursday. Can't wait!
  5. Sounds good! Oh yeah I can't wait to get it all installed! I'll get some videos of the system before and after!
  6. Yeah I'm putting them in the factory speaker location which are 6x9 so decided to go with 6x9's. You could make a wood template to house a 6.5 components.just sayn. I think you'll be happy with the 9's Hmm, never thought of that. Maybe one day when I have enough money and want to go all out with the whole system haha. From what I've heard these speakers are on the brighter side but I've been thinking of adding tweeters in the A-pillar. Components would have been idea but out of my budget. Don't know what to do for tweeters yet.
  7. Yeah I'm putting them in the factory speaker location which are 6x9 so decided to go with 6x9's.
  8. Thanks, glad to hear that! I've actually never heard of Hertz before and was skeptical but from reading online it seems like a reputable brand. Only way to tell is once I hear them myself! It's going in my 2012 Grand Caravan. I have 2 Alpine Type S 10's in there right now at 1200 WRMS which are overpowering the stock speakers so I decided it's time to upgrade speakers when I saw the sale.
  9. Oh my bad, did know about rule #1 but thanks, I already purchased the speakers so I might as well try it out first.
  10. What do you guys think will sound better? These speakers will be amplified by their own amp. I purchased two pair of Hertz 3-way 6x9 speakers for a great price during Boxing Day sales. However, I've been reading that 3-way speakers aren't great. Would getting the smaller Hertz 2-way 5x7 be better? I also purchased the Hertz 4 channel amplifier for these speakers.
  11. Damn that's nice!! Beautiful ride and clean install. Can't wait to see it completed and playing!
  12. Possible damage to the amp.
  13. I am sure the amp is only 2 ohm stable which is why he is asking.....Yes you're right. My buddy has the Alpine MRX-M110 which is 1100 wrms @ 2 ohm stable. He already has one Alpine Type S 10" 4 ohm DVC (500 wrms) and he wants another.I have two Alpine Type S 10" 4 ohm DVC subs wired to 1 ohm which is ok because my amp puts out 1200 wrms @ 1 ohm. We're just trying to figure out how he can get the most out of the amp. Looks like he might have to sell his 4 ohm DVC sub and get two 2 ohm DVC ones.
  14. Buddy of mine has an amp that puts out 1100 wrms @ 2 ohms and he has a 4 ohm DVC sub. He needs one more sub but ideally it'd all have to be wired down to 2 ohm to maximize amp output. What's the closest to 2 ohm (no less than 2 ohm) I can get with either setups?
  15. As the title states, is it possible to get a 2 ohm load with TWO 4 ohm DVC subs? How about one 4 ohm DVC and one 2 ohm DVC? If so, how would I wire it? Thanks a lot!
  16. Based on the way the descriptions are written I can tell its someone from the UK. Any ideas?
  17. That is very strange. I would like to hear the full story.Theres no need for a full story. They "accidentally" shot an unarmed black man while he was laying on the floor complying with them.
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