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  1. btw, dont think that will tell you if your clipping or not.. its just a basic adjustment with a DMM to give you a somewhat accurate to the power your putting out.. the ONLY way to really make sure you are not clipping is with a oscilloscope
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_%28signal_processing%29
  3. Its under the Max size limit and kb limit? that states while trying to upload it? May want to double check the page and the pic.. It doesn't auto resize
  4. Make sure your under 150x150 acas under like 50kb.... If you read the rules telling you how to upload it it would make sense
  5. I'm going to guess it will do 1w to3500w from 9v to 15v...somewhere around that range
  6. Get a sub amp.. Not a mid amp for subwoofer
  7. Upgrade electrical on a car he doesn't have? Go for it just make sure to order everything so when you get your car its all ready to get tossed in
  8. K watched it.. That's sick I stand corrected
  9. Can't view it on the phone but if its a translator droid has had that for awhile and quite a few languages
  10. Honestly get mw2 over black ops yes I own both and black ops sucked to me
  11. James you dislike just about everything so I knew that was coming. I think we need to step back and look at what they did out side of a gamers prospective and more of a scientific prospective. The limits that they can use with a program like that are almost limitless. I think this will be a new way for children to learn.. Not school work but study materials. wanna learn spanish? just pick up spanish Kinect! That's my thoughts on this program.
  12. Columbus and I have the DC integra.. Was 3 lvl 5 18s in a white integra I'm the Derrick kbsmoker is referring to
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