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  1. Exactly like the title says, wanting a 9887 or another headunit with similar quality And functions. Price needs to be fair as well, thanks. Edit: also will consider a double din like the avh-4200 for the right price.
  2. Called my insurance company and the guy about shit when he heard how little the other company wanted to pay me. But it sounds like they won't help me going after the company and if I went with them, although id get it back, I'd still have to pay my deductible. Salvage price is a high ass $1300 too...I'm so fed up right now and have been late the last two days because I have no rental or vehicle of my own, I'm about to start calling local lawyers. Their company has been impossible to get ahold of, dicked me around from the start, wants to pay me shit for my car as well as trying to already sell it out from under me and leaving me vehicless up shit creek for 2 and a half weeks.
  3. Called my insurance and the guy dealing with my claim isn't in on weekends, so I'll hear from him Monday and ask his suggestion...shopping for my powerstroke now.
  4. I guess i'll have to talk to them then, because I wasnt at fault at all...I was on the other side of the highway. lol. The truck came all the way through the median into our lane...lets just say I have the worst luck, although 20 seconds later and our luck would have been alot worse. I'm not trying to be greedy and come home with thousands or anything, Im just trying to get paid fairly for the shitty situation ive been put in. Their insurance company is being the greedy ones expecting me to rollover and accept the gift wrapped pile of shit they call a fair payoff.
  5. They allowed me to get personal belongings out of the car, but would not let me do any pulloffs until the adjusters came and saw the car. Like I said, I have over $2000 in addons I can pull off the car, not to mention I can replace the tranny and engine and it will be drivable. The only damage, other than possibly the front bumper, is the bracket from the truck that we ran over. Looks like some kind of mounting bracket and thats what punctured the bottom of the engine and tranny.
  6. I have statefarm and they are involved as far as quoting me on what they'll pay out, which is nearly $400 more then UPS wants to pay. Im going to call them today again and explain the situation and see what they say about bringing a lawyer into the picture or atleast having them duke it out. When they quoted me that much less than my insurance company I told them no, the car books for $700 more than that. He stumbled over himself and said, 'buh buh buh, thats what we quoted it at. Its your choice if you go with your insurance or us.' I never threatened a lawyer but its been at the back of my mind for a while.
  7. http://www.wsmv.com/story/16621948/fiery-crash-shuts-down-i-24-in-smyrna Link to the crash. If you watch the video on the far right, im the car in the bottom left of the video with flashers on. rofl
  8. I WANT IT. Pm mr. sexy if above dawg doesnt take.
  9. Hey guys, ive been out of the audio game for a little bit and therfore off the site and am just getting the itch to come back and rebuild, when I ran into a problem a couple weeks ago. Me and my girlfriend were in Georgia visiting some friends and family and were headed back to Missouri at 4 in the morning, just outside of Nashville, when a UPS tractor-trailer somehow (not sure if he lost control or what) hits the concrete median about 15 feet ahead of us from the other lane, throwing concrete debree and truck parts everywhere. We swerve and miss what we can and take a decent hit in the driver side of the bumper and roll over a piece of what I figured to be concrete. I pull over to check the damages and im DUMPING oil and tranny fluid everywhere, shortly after seeing the UPS truck blowup. Long story short, I didnt have rental coverage on my plan so every dime spent, including $100 for the local motel, was on me to get home. We ended up having someone come get us from five hours away in Missouri since the other company couldnt be contacted for a rental. From the get go, Liberty Mutual (UPS's Insurer) has been dicking me around trying to tell me another car might have caused the accident and having terrible communication with me throughout this ordeal. I get a call the other day from them stating that the car is a total loss and that their payout on the vehicle is $500 less then what my insurance wants to pay. They are quoting me $700 less then blue book and the only thing wrong wih the car other than what was caused by THEIR driver is a small amount of damage to the rear bumper. I then asked him what my cost would be for buyback of the vehicle, because I have $1600 worth of suspension on this car, $300 radio, $300 battery, etc. etc. I was told by the wrecking company I could not takeoff until they saw it. He tells me he thinks that is possible, but they already have salvage bids on the car. Can the insurance company start taking bids on the car when 1.) its still mine and I havent been reimbersed for it yet, and 2.) its at a holding facility, not at a salvage yard to get bids. Im furious that this has been drawn out this long and ive been screwed from the start. Not to mention I had to have my dad, who works at a local dealer, borrow me a car for the last week and a half because this company wouldnt get me a rental although they are completely at fault for my situation. My job has been threatened by not having a vehicle and my life has been turned upside down by this ordeal, not to mention the $300 im out from just trying to get home. A bunch of people who know the situation are urging me to get a lawyer and sue for anything I can get and I think I might actually come out ahead if we do this. I dont want to get screwed, which is what theyve been trying to do to me the whole time, and I dont want to have to pay my deductible for my insurer to have to take over. Thoughts guys? Thanks for reading the long ass post...so, lawyer a waste of time or a strong option?
  10. His look at the camera at 38 seconds in scares me. QUIT UNDRESSING ME WITH YOUR EYES.
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