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  1. New edc, picked it up last week and I've put 7-800 rounds through it already. Only issue was one of the rear night sights was dead, so I took a trip up to sig today and got it swapped out. After visiting the proshop I'm really leaning towards an mcx.
  2. Extra voltage capacity. but less capacitance, id be curious as to the voltage drop with just 6 cells per bank Yep, its a trade-off. BigD had a post where he stated he wanted to test amps up at 17V, so the extra cap was needed. I suppose he's fine with it as-is, if he's not even dropping a volt. We shall see.... I must have missed that part, either way its nice to see more and more people using supercaps
  3. 6 would be 15v 7 is 17.5v, those are max charge voltages i thought they were 2.1v each black maxwells are 2.5v and i think 2500f, the blues are 2.7v and 3000f
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