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  1. Hey ray i cant send u a private message i dont know why can u send me price for some speaker rings like the ones u made for mario just for some 5.25 with there tweeter
  2. How much did he charge you i need a pair for some 5.25 inch memphis mcc5
  3. what is that all around the edges i want to try something like that on my c pillars
  4. SOLD

    Lol my mom is in boston when ever i want something i get it shipped to her and then she ships it to me. How do you think i got my xs power batteries lol it was like 90 dollars a batter to get them shipped straight through XS. So do you have any other games
  5. SOLD

    Send me a picture of the bottom part of the disc to see if there scratched to [email protected]
  6. The "1500" watts amplifier CHALLENGE!!!

    I guess u got to drunk my bud lol caldito de huevos en la mañana
  7. The "1500" watts amplifier CHALLENGE!!!

    Memphis mclass 1100 would be nice
  8. Well not shure what u ended up doing but try @ 61hz thats where we hit best in a honda hatch
  9. I also have a full memphis build. nice work
  10. A 50x4 amp will be ok just find a way to set your gains properly and a normal pioneer radio will do just fine