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  1. well i guess its time to update my build log... havent been active on here for a while

  2. IF and again IF xs is really a chinese battery now, its only because everyone who ever buys one expects to get them cheap. Lead is expensive, good batteries are expensive to manufacture. The cheap mentality of so many internet shoppers is whats killing product. These companies are forced to find a less expensive means to build their product so they can remain in business and not lose AMERICAN JOBS! Do you guys see how this all goes full circle?? Dont be so quick to price shop these companies, and save a little more money. If you can't afford it, may be you dont need it.... /rant
  3. if you want to mount it that way just mount the camera upside down as well. That will flip your image
  4. Seats fold down and they get loud. Had a buddy of mine running a pair of hcca 12s on 2 audiopipe 3ks doing a 150 musically
  5. reminds me of the truck from the first expendables. Meh maybe not
  6. i would have largest agm possible under hood, 4 runs of 1/0 front to back (2+ 2-) and 2 group 31 agms in back
  7. Those 4 way terminals are stoopid sexythose are actually big ground lugs for a welder lol. We've got 3 1/0s in each, and some MASSIVE heat shrink. 2" that shrinks to 5/8"
  8. there's a build log on our shops Facebook page. I figured it would get more attention here lol. Will be 2 10ks and 4 level 6 18s. https://m.facebook.com/sound.werks.5?v=photos&psm=default&album=a.10152996513815554.1073741827.510490553&__user=1676264471
  9. just gonna leave this here. 4 lvl 6 18s flat wall in a yukon xl. 4 alts 14 batts, 2 10ks. And lots of sexy. to follow some of the build check out Sound Werks in Marysville, wa on facebook
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