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  1. Fiberglass in a flat plane is very weak. it is strongest with curves in it. That being said, you could do that on the seams but you will need to find a way to reinforce the walls. It will be difficult to keep them from resonating being so thin
  2. this build has been done for a while. i just havent updated a build log on here since selling my explorer. i have had the truck for 2 years now. first year was blowthru, then motor during winter of 2015 and walkthru happened late summer 2016 although whole walkthru was done in about a 2 week span lol.
  3. i ended up having to brace up the enclosure some. i was having issues with panels resonating and causing weird performance issues and heres a video that Luke Schaller made of it at a local show we had. i am very happy with how it performs. i feel there is certainly a lot left in the design and performance though. my goal is to get 4 18s on 2 8ks or 10ks.
  4. so my plan was to make the enclosure adjustable by having the baffle and back wall inside the enclosure. they are a tight fit but it worked out exactly how i wanted. now i can simply move either of the two walls to adjust volume or ratio. obviously it isnt simple to do, but it is doable! following is my blueprint for the baffle and then getting it all together and finally. here are some scores. first is sealed and then door open. peak went from 38hz down to 34hz which i certainly liked!
  5. well the blowthru just wasnt cutting it for the low frequency hurricane demos i am used to. so it was time for another rebuild. i scored a color matched canopy for $250 locally. so i just had to jump on that. and it was all downhill from there.... so after cutting out the back i realized i had a major issue to solve. my cut ran right thru the rubber pressure/breather flaps on the back of the cab. well i sure couldnt fit my accordion boot around that hole so i made some plates from aluminum and riveted them on and sealed them up.
  6. got a great deal on a quad bracket and some 370s from a buddy building a new vehicle here is a sealed score and then drivers door open with the 3 18s in the 4th order. the 2 18s in the 6th were almost same numbers, but much better frequency range
  7. The port piece was actually just a stack of MDF that i cut at different lengths and final angles and then sanded down to a nice roundover. didnt have any gain on meter vs the pvc i had. but looked 100x better
  8. i wasnt particularly thrilled with the performance of the 4th order and 3 18s. it was doing mid 53s sealed but very peaky. i just love having stupid windy lows and this wasnt cutting it..... so playing around with the existing enclosure i made it into 2 18s in a 6th order and boy did it wake up! numbers suffered some, but sooo much more musical
  9. stock 4.3 didnt take the added weight for too long... 275k miles certainly didnt help either. so winter of 2015 i pulled the 4.3 and dropped in a stock 5.3 and rebuilt tranny to handle the added weight. it was a lengthy process mostly due to finances, but i managed to make it happen and couldnt be happier!
  10. Next step was moving onto getting some stereo in this beast!! started out mild with only 3 xs v2 18s in a 4th order on a crossfire 8k.
  11. i acted quicky on replacing the blown heater core and repairing all the front end damage. i got lucky and found a color matched hood and a tonneau cover with good finish on it only a few hours from my house. well worth the trip over painting an aftermarket one. i replaced all the lights with something more my style and found some stock steel 17s that i was going to put some 10 ply tires on to replace the 22s that were on it
  12. Some of you may remember my old explorer build, well i sold that because i was ready to move onto something new. i was looking for something bigger and more potential. well, a good friend sold me this 01 sierra for a deal i couldnt pass up. i bought it as a base model work truck, standard cab short box with a 4.3 and 275k miles..... the truck definitely needed some love but i didnt mind. i got it squared away and running properly within a month or so. it took some time to move onto the stereo but it has been a great challenge
  13. well i guess its time to update my build log... havent been active on here for a while

  14. I am currently running 9 c&d high rate group 24s. i bought them used, theyre about 8 years old now and still holding solid!
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