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  1. I'm already fucked off at uplay. I launch the game through steam, which launchs Uplay. Which launches steam, which is already thinking the game is running. So frustrating not being able to launch it from steam where I purchased it
  2. Ive got it pre ordered on steam and conveniently already have the day off as well hah
  3. not many people liked it, but I loved blacklist so I have high hopes about this for sure! I love this type of games esp if it has some awesome multiplayer co op which is what the last games were missing but they came out when we were just on the edge of online becoming the normal
  4. jezus its like children fighting in the sand pit in this thread! Never knows best. your username is rather accurate. you are trying to tell someone that they are doing something wrong (which they are not doing wrong), just because its not how you would do it. 8 speakers on a 4 channel is not out of the blue by ANY means! there is nothing fucking wrong with using his head unit, it maybe 10 watts but maybe thats also enough power for the speakers that its powering. they could be 1inch away from his ears for all you know... AND IT IS NOT WHAT THIS THREAD IS RELATED TO AT ALL stop being a smart ass. It has been proven by many people that it gets you nowhere now that my post 18hour shift rant is finished... try dd1ing with out the line driver, sounds like you were using that as your meter before the dd1 so try it with out. if your getting really shitty voltage and you do need it, then by all means put it back in, the reason why we are suggesting to try it without is that it is just another device that has the possibilty to make the signal dirty which is what you don't want turn the knob all the way up and then test again, you could test with out the knob then plug in. but I dont suggest it at all because then you are tuning the dd1 against what your actually going to be using which is the point, the knob might also make the signal dirty for some unknown reason so best to test it with it. now, if you are still having the same trouble. try it with out the knob. if it then works like I said earlier go get yourself a lc1 they are cheap as heck and will do excatly what you want it to do!
  5. I hope you're joking not joking, bass knob is just a remote gain not a boost. set the amp gain with the remote turned up will prevent you from clipping with the knob. not all remotes are like that. my old amp had a remote that simply boosted a certain freq. so I put a knob in line with the RCA's which I then made sure was on full before DD1ing OP. If it boosts a freq... take it out. go spend the little amount of money to get a lc1 ( I think thats what its called over there, the RCA inline knob)
  6. Just tried it as well and all is good for me. I also tried on firefox just to test and after a full restart I was still logged in
  7. waiting for my next paycheck then ill be picking this up what kinda ping do you guys get? I have 0 trouble on local servers but when I test from LA I get shit ass scores This country sucks lol
  8. nah, your not going to be running anywhere near the max of the cables capability so I wouldn't worry about getting pricier cable
  9. Fart in the direction you want the wifi to be stronger lol I only use wired and it works fine so im not sure man sorry lol
  10. NOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ^^ thats not the buzz. but cheers anyway! 918pm here on sunday having a bbq with some mates so who knows what will happen
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