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  1. Steve, don't forget us when you open that bottle...you've got our numbers
  2. The pain will start without warning, that pain is your warning. You definitely learn the path the kidney stones take in your body once you have had them. You will know exactly where your kidney is and the path it follows to the bladder and then on out. I had surgery 5 years ago to remove kidney stones and had hundreds removed, and that wasn't all of them. I had another surgery just over 2 years ago to reconstruct the opening of my kidney because it had narrowed because of scar tissue from passing stones...that surgery was no joke! I have kidney stones because one of my kidneys is not completely rotated so it doesn't drain well and causes calcification (kidney stones). People have stones for many different reasons and react differently when it comes time to pass a stone. My Dad and brothers have all had kidney stones and theirs pass relatively quickly but usually end up in the ER because the pain is so bad...relatively quickly is 12-18 hours. You may be in major pain and then again you may not. But don't hesitate to go to the ER when the pain is bad because if the stone blocks the passage it becomes very serious. Good luck and I hope it passes easily. And if your doctor hasn't referred you to a urologist already, ask him to do so immediately.
  3. RIP Jack Daniels 1999-10/24/2010 Maxximus born 9/6/10..added to our family 11/18/10 5 1/2 months old...first time to the beach.
  4. Raise hell at the shop Ken! You need to get in touch with the owner if you haven't already. I hope you have kept track of all of your communication with the shop, because that would really help. A few years ago when the Excursion was broken into we took it to Thompson's S&S on Auburn Blvd in Citrus Heights...never again will I go there. They had the truck for 30 days and all they needed to do was replace a window and repair some of the leather, so I feel your pain there. When I insisted they finish it before the 30 days, which was when our insurance rental car was up, they still didn't have it done. The window was replaced, but they didn't even clean up the broken glass inside the truck and nothing had been done with the leather. So, we got it back I kept in contact with them regarding the leather and another couple months went by and I was just getting the run around...so finally Bill stopped in there one day and made a little bit of a scene in the reception area with the owner, the estimator (my contact) in front of other customers...that shit was fixed within the next few weeks and the estimator lost his job. It was very unfortunate the Estimator lost his job, but he wasn't doing his job and the owner didn't know there had been those issues...so definitely go to the top! We also had problems with Bertolucci's in Sacramento. They still owe us a re-do on the paint of the Excursion from a repair they did...we have runs in the paint, and our insurance paid them about $10k. Since all the nightmares with these shops we have found one that has been completely headache free and they do great work. We have used Cozz's now for 3 or 4 different insurance claims and they do good work and finish on time, finally it's not so stressful to deal with an insurance claim. Write a very factual letter to the owner of the shop with a time line and how they have been paid for a job that they have not completed to your satisfaction and send it certified and see what happens...
  5. You guys are a bunch of cry babies...lol I have lost count at how many stones I have passed. I have had 2 surgeries on my right kidney. First surgery was to remove stones, hundreds...no exaggeration. Second surgery was to reconstruct the opening of the kidney to the ureter, during which I ended up with a punctured lung and part of a rib removed and one nasty ass scar from 88 staples. I think child birth will be a breeze after all of that. I still have stones that pass quite frequently. I was told before my last surgery to not drink beer anymore because my kidney doesn't drain as it should and beer produces too much urine...so in my case too many fluids is not a good idea because I get a lot of pressure from the kidney area when I drink too much of anything. And, there is a chance that later in life I will have to go through that horrible surgery again. Oh, and the main root of all of my kidney problems is that the right kidney is not completely rotated...meaning it's not in the correct position. But for those of you that have kidney stones...go to the doctor when the pain is excruciating, because a stone can be too big to pass...and you don't want to "wait that out" and especially if you have never passed a stone before...it may not be a stone. But once you have passed one, you will definitely know the next time what is causing the pain.
  6. Ken, I found this online http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_PoopEating.php...but I also suggest a trip to the vet. We too have a puppy, he is 4 1/2 months old and have found that 3 meals a day is a good idea for his age. We feed a holistic puppy food and split the recommended amount into the 3 feedings. You don't want to overfeed a puppy because growing too fast can cause problems down the road. Since you said the puppy just started acting this way recently I would definitely say something is wrong. Has it been to the vet for all of it's vaccinations? If you are established with a vet you may be able to take in a stool sample and have them take a look at that without having to pay for an appointment. I also would say don't give rawhide or pig ears, they are not easily digestible. When we need to keep our puppy "busy" we use Bully sticks, they are easier for them to digest...and lots of chew toys. Good luck!
  7. I don't think it is that uncommon for law enforcement to make 100k+...I know of several retired officers making that. And to be honest, it is not enough for putting their life on the line everyday when they go to work.
  8. Congrats on the shop. Make sure you have a fridge so that I can keep our good friend Patron in it for when we stop by.
  9. Do your research, meet with an attorney and hire one if you can afford it. If you truly can provide your son a better life and the courts can see that then you have a better chance. It is all about your son, what is best for him. Good luck! As a woman, I don't get where some bitches are coming from. Most of the time they are not putting the kids first in these situations...they just want to fuck over the father of the child.
  10. Hey Steve...remember the green Jimmy from USACI? It's about that color ^^^^^ Here's my $.02 whether you want them or not...I like your stock Pewter. I think you should clean her up, make her pretty again and save for your damn V!
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