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  1. Yeah, the LMS coil is the whole point of getting an LMS sub. Honestly, it's not even a LMS anymore, just a normal sub with a normal coil. The LMS tech in the coil is what keeps the BL so linear and allows ~3" of clean excursion.
  2. Most shops are clueless on how to actually design and calculate for a given ported volume/tuning, which is why most of us do it ourselves or have someone actually reputable do it for us.
  3. Bump, shipping out the first 4 orders today...get it while it's still here.
  4. Thanks Tony. I will be contacting you in the future.
  5. Not trying to intrude, but I have some 2/0 terminals if anyone needs some to go along with your purchase of this man's wire...not trying to step on your toes andale, I'll edit this if you want me to.
  6. I DO NOT FREQUENT THE FORUMS MUCH, SO PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] Item(s) for Sale: 8 gauge AudioPipe wire in RED and BLACK Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, off the spool...only have 250ft of each. This actually looks to be pretty nice wire, and looks like OFC to me. I did a comparison pic next to some of my Phoenix Gold 8 gauge, and they seem to be identical after twisting them as tight as I could. Price: $.40 per ft, minimum of 10ft (5' black and 5' red) Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: $5 for purchases up to 30ft $10 for purchases of 40ft or more Item Pictures: Comparison pic next to my PG 8 gauge(AP top and PG bottom)...pretty much identical.
  7. Wire is getting shipped out next week some time, got everything else ready...
  8. I like using the bed-liner stuff...goes on easy enough and looks good enough for me.
  9. n2's are pretty nasty if you're looking to not spend a fortune...
  10. Yes, the port area is way too small. Try getting 2.25-2.5ft^3 net volume, with 30-35in^2 of port. The box will be about 50% larger than what you have right now, but the larger volume and port area will make it a good deal more efficient also.
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