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  1. Ol' PurpDerp likes to bamouth the Northstar 170FT's now, and in here he's praising them for "working flawlessly"...just wanted to point out the irony. Oh, that and the fact that he doesn't know the difference between amp-hour and max amp discharge, since he thought that he needed to use a 6amp charger for 600+ hourse to recharge his battery. Just too funny...
  2. Regular ported will work fine, no reason to waste more volume on a bandpass design unless you're wanting the sub to play strong under 20hz.
  3. I'd build a shell out of 2x4's and just build onto that. That way you can get more volume, and it'd still be easy to put together after the 2x4 cage is built.
  4. Too high of a Qts and/or Vas and you're going to need a pretty large box to get a low F3 point in the sealed box. Low Qts subs will have a high roll-off in a sealed box unless they have a very low FS...TC Sounds subs come to mind where you can couple low Qts with very low FS and still get good sealed results. But most low Qts subs are not low FS subs by nature, which is why they tend to not work well in 4th order BP's.
  5. FS, Vas, and Qts are going to be the big indicators as far as how a sub will react in a given box. All specs play a role but those three will give you a good idea of what the F3 is going to be in a given box. For a good sealed box sub you want a low FS and a Qts value in the .4-.6 area. Just try to keep Vas reasonable so that you don't need too big of a box to get the good low-end output. The DC Level 4 and Obsidian 15" and 18" woofers make great 4th order BP subs.
  6. The 15L7 will work great in a 4th order bandpass box since it will naturally get low in a sealed box.
  7. How much room will you have between the box and hatch with that 25" depth?
  8. Given the same amount of port area, a skinnier port is going to have more internal surface area inside of the port, so you're going to have a less efficient port and a higher probability of port noise in most cases.
  9. Low Qts, low Vas, pretty low FS...you're not going to need a large box to get these things to play low, which is why you have a pretty exaggerated low-end in the current box of 4.8ft^3. 3.5-4ft^3 for the pair is plenty in this case, if you have ample power for them. The box design could also be affecting your upper end response above 45hz, hard to tell you any more without knowing the exaclt box details.
  10. what ever happended to RAM designs lol ahah was busted for selling designs and quit coming here basically lol. that's two now I realize this is an older post, but just wanted to clarify some things. I never stopped posting here because of anything to do with "getting busted" for anything. I PMed people all the time about designs, Big 3 kits, etc. Some mods didn't like the fact that I had a for sale thread for Big 3 kits, and I had another issue selling batteries as well since I had a ton of them. But other than that, no issues at all. I simply became too busy to be on 6 forums every day, like how I was 3-4 years ago. And once the facebook audio groups started forming and growing, there was really no need for me to be on the forums anymore. Couple that with me launching my website back in early 2011, getting a facebook page going for it shortly after that where I post pics and share audio related stuff on every day, and I'm sure you can imagine why it's hard to be on forums while having a day job and doing 50-60 designs every month. It just takes up a lot of time, and my spare time is socializing in the facebook groups now.
  11. Haha, I'm still around man, just not on the forums all that much any more...work and box designs keep me pretty busy these days. But if you need any help still, shoot me an email or send me a design request through the site, and I'll be glad to see what I can do for you.
  12. The roll of stuff I use is the sill seal still that snow drifter posted up. I get it off of the job sites I work on (and for free, woot) where they use it under the bottom plate of walls to have a barrier between the walls and concrete. The pink foam board is just from those big 4x8 sheets of insulation you can get at Home Depot or Lowe's, about $12 a sheet or so.
  13. Caleb, I sent an email to the one that you provided to me in the design request form, [email protected] Did you not receive anything and is that the correct email?
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