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  1. what did you do about the inside of the port? idk if i like the idea of the cardboard inside, i would resin it atleast or something, thats just me though, other than that, it looks great!
  2. i wouldnt have stopped but thats just me, a guy in what is probably his personal vehicle pulling you over, thats just a little bit sketchy and he probably gave you a verbal warning because he cant write a ticket when he is off duty
  3. you can control them both with one knob when you strap the amps together
  4. thats whats up 2 houston people that chop and screw, gotta represent htown
  5. i chop and screw as well... heres my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/abervintageman42 i can get you some download links if you want just shoot me a pm for which songs you want
  6. which songs do you want? i will post a download link to the songs you want
  7. exactly what i wanted to see! him jjsut lift it all the way up "i cant hear you!"
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