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  1. Hope this is the right section. I took a quick trip to autorama last weekend and put together a vid on what I witnessed. Thanks to everyone that gave me and everyone demos. It was all insanely great!
  2. Welcome the newest SMD Partner B2 Audio!

    Yee welcome! When can I come back for another demo Steve?! Lmao
  3. New amp break in and tuning question.

    Ya never heard about breaking in amps either. It's really hard to find shops that tune any other way besides ear. If you don't mind traveling a bit there's a shop here in Vacaville that mainly focus on SQ builds and I know for a fact tune properly. As in using an rta and stuff. http://audio-xperts.com
  4. ** RCA's **

    Pick one out of a hat. They all make good products. Who do you want to support. That's what it basically comes down to.
  5. Glue cracking at former/spider

    This happened on only one sub? Might just gave been a bad one. Like Mitch said, glue didn't set properly? Bring it up to the builder
  6. Fi Alpha V2 15

  7. Never owned a Skar amp. Only ran their speakers and subs but that's impressive. Waiting for the comments lmao
  8. Best 6.5 component Door speakers

    I can recommend Skar components and Pa speakers. I've had good experiences with them and still am.
  9. Check my Torres specs.

    That 12-16sqin per foot is just a rule of thumb. Really comes down to trial and error and power output like reedal is saying. Try out bass box bro and you can see how it will perform.
  10. Check my Torres specs.

    Yup add the number of common port walls. Might change tuning slightly. But other than that port seems fine imo. No additional baffles?
  11. I'm going back and forth with the next box build. What do you guys think is the lowest I can safely tune it for the xl m2.1. I wanna try getting them lowz. Like decaf low lmao
  12. Oh yes indeed. A way to "bypass" it is to turn on the AC. I found out just turning the the blower puts the alternator in "high output mode" and gives me the 14.1-14.4 I want
  13. Electronic logging device? Never used one..
  14. Sweet I was able to upload from my phone. The box surprisingly fit just perfect in the trunk. When I built the box I had no intention in putting it there. But I do want to build a new one having the port on the same face as the sub. Don't mind the speaker wire poking out on top lol this was sitting on my rear seat before sub. I swear this thing is now like twice as loud in the trunk. So glad I have my trunk back