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  1. check for clipping man. i had the same problem with my xl stinking up pretty fast but turns out i was clipping the crap out of it. got a dc 2k which comes with a clip light on the bass knob and now i can play it safe with minimal heat. im sure that sp4 can handle that power as long as its clean.
  2. well first of all i hear for it to be ideal the sub should have a qts rating of .5 and up. the zv4 rev2 15 d2 has a qts of .45. but im sure someone will say, you wont know how it sounds until you try it lol but so far as what i know people typically shoot for a 2:1 ratio. (1 sealed 2 ported) and ported section tuned no lower than 40hz, depending on the bandwidth youre aiming for. a software like bassbox pro will help a lot in seeing what the enclosure can produce. @Triticum Agricolam might be able to help you in this more that i can. i yet have the chance to build one myself lol and im wondering if sundown doesnt give you a sealed spec because of the low qts... but you see them in 4th orders all the time lol
  3. Who has a good entry level Sub

    i had good experience withe skar's vvx 12 and 15. they get down and reasonably priced
  4. hey guys. so im trying to help a friend design a 4th order bandpass enclosure. only problem is i have no experience with them. just what ive read online and stuff. but i definitely want to learn and i figure this would be a great opportunity to try. below are screen shots of what i came up with on bassbox pro. im just confused about why its so peaky. theres only a bandwidth of about 9hz. that seems kinda narrow to mel. i hear that a driver must have a qts of .5 or greater to be ideal in a 4th order. the qts of each driver in this case is .34. is that why its so peaky? or am i just doing this completely wrong haha someone school me! we're shooting for a 2:1 ratio btw
  5. heres a simple box for a buddy of mine. 3.25cuft net @35hz. single baffle but did a lil bracing inside. now to start on mine
  6. this is the new box that i will be building for the xl. let me know what you guys think! ill start some time today or tomorrow after i finish with a friends box that he asked me to build for him. hes going to run my old evl15.
  7. heres what i upgraded to. dc 2k and dc xl15
  8. whats up fam. so heres a quick run down of my system. not a trunk build, not a wall, just a simple ugly back seat build lol i am a construction electrician with my trunk almost always full with tools and material for work. only other spot to fit a sub box with out doing a wall is my back seat. i just need some bass! not really going for looks. ive had some pictures on what i had before (just went from a skar evl15 to a dc xl15 and sae1500 to a dc 2k) so here are some recent pics... hope you guys enjoy... i personally did the big3 with sky high 1/0 up front and ran power from front stock battery to rear full throttle group 34. messed up by getting a blue big 3 kit instead of red lol oh well. heres what it looked like before i swapped out the sae1500. the rest of the wiring was done by arden audio in sacramento. when i went home and did a lil inspection i have noticed the ground going to the 4ch amp was just self tapped in with 3 screws on the frame of the vehicle. wasnt too happy about it so instead of complaining i just went ahead and fixed it. both grounds are now sharing an existing grounding point directly under the driver seat. everything else was fine, thanks arden audio! and heres the box just sitting on the back seat haha
  9. ya i know idk why i havent. it went from a planning a build thread tho this haha
  10. looky what i picked up
  11. Well just got laid off today. Lack of jobs until next year. Anyone know about any California Bay area electrical work? 

    1. 8ten8


      How is that possible?!! Seems weird to me, there's so much work going on in the city for instance. I feel for you brother, that sucks. I hope work comes your way soon. Hey, in the meantime start applying for pg&e and a city gig. Almost impossible to get laid off. Calopps.org for all the city gigs

    2. Jake Pace

      Jake Pace

      No unemployment availability or where you a sub-contractor which kinda makes it impossible to get a job?

    3. fmedina


      No, I worked for a general contractor. But there just isn't much electrical work to keep everyone busy until some big jobs kick in next year in January or so. I've applied for a couple local unions and another non-union company. Ill look for some city jobs and keeping an eye out for any possible side work too.