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  1. Yes after adding the MDF ring the panel didn't clip back to the door around the speaker area bottom left corner or right corner on the driver side even after cutting some of the plastic on the panel off. Speaker still clears door still closes. But would have to do something different in the future. Would want to work on some door pods when I get a chance
  2. Ya make sure your ground has good connection. Make sure your amp is really seeing the ohm load you're assuming. Make sure all connections are snug and correct. And I agree with Skippy. Your gain seems a bit high and you have the sub level on you head unit at +10? Sounds like clipping to me man.
  3. fmedina

    Component set with crossover

    I see. So the wires in your doors are going on the input terminals on the crossovers. Then run some wire from the woofer to the woofer terminals and wire from tweeter to tweeter terminals. If you have wires coming directly from your amp then those will be on the input. In your case they're splicing in the harness which is then distributed to the doors. So basically same shit lol Hope that helps?
  4. fmedina

    Component set with crossover

    ^ that. Not to be a smart ass but it says right on the crossovers lol
  5. Here's my most recent purchase. Sundown sa components for the front. I'm in love That's the best I could do with out fabbin' not the prettiest but wow they sound amazing! 
  6. fmedina

    Foam Acoustic Speaker Baffles?

    I wanna say the window track closest to the front of the car. And that track literally ends almost dead center to the speaker's motor. However I haven't visually noticed any water damage to the previous mids I had in there sooo...
  7. fmedina

    Foam Acoustic Speaker Baffles?

    Thanks for the tip @fasfocus00. So today after some good rain I've noticed some water leaking inside the doors. Panels are off and I don't have the mids in right now until I can come up with a solution. Any tips and advice on stopping water leaks inside the doors.
  8. fmedina

    Foam Acoustic Speaker Baffles?

    Can't tell if that sarcasm lmao
  9. fmedina

    Foam Acoustic Speaker Baffles?

    Would reinforcing it with fiberglass be worth it? I just got a set of sundown sa components and want the most I can get out of them. It's for the stock location in my 12 Accord
  10. fmedina

    Foam Acoustic Speaker Baffles?

    Ok thanks guys for the replies. That saved me 14 bucks and hassle lol
  11. Anyone use these? Do they really work. How much does it improve your mids.
  12. Hope this is the right section. I took a quick trip to autorama last weekend and put together a vid on what I witnessed. Thanks to everyone that gave me and everyone demos. It was all insanely great!
  13. fmedina

    Welcome the newest SMD Partner B2 Audio!

    Yee welcome! When can I come back for another demo Steve?! Lmao