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  1. Cheapest deterrence doesnt even need ammo, just the sound of a shotgun loading lol
  2. You're going to get along just fine here
  3. Sold my walled explorer and all audio equipment to help with school. Picked up my new baby for cheap but have no more audio! 1993 Lexus sc400 Stock audio with no working rear speakers or factory sub
  4. It's 412cvx... Don't forget to move the port Ma bad
  5. You know that feeling you get in your chest? Same thing happens to the amp. Box mounting is fine. I used rubber washers and bushings from home depot
  6. My knockoff Jolt batts are 140lbs each lol I hate moving them
  7. 22yr old paint vs Meguiars clay, ultimate compound, deep crystal polish, black wax
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