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  1. Back after a long while. New build in a Ford focus. 4 18". Couldn't get it done before Slam.
  2. Any movement on this build? Pictures of your IB setup. Those are amazing subs.
  3. I'm going. Already booked the hotel.
  4. I used 2 lb. mlv for the floor in the cabin. Heavy stuff. I still need a piece for the trunk as well.
  5. So, it's been a minute, but I have a new build that I am working on. I have made a ton of progress this month. Here is the progress I have made so far. I am using 80 mil deadener, 1/8" neoprene and 1-2 lb sq.ft mass loaded vinyl.
  6. Yeah, and lots of legroom. Couldn't have don't this in my malibu that's for sure.
  7. Got the last drivers for the car. 12" Going in the kicks. Eminence deltalite II now if I can stay in town long enough to start building...
  8. You guys gonna clean up that wiring for them?It's only going to be on there for a week then they are tearing down the turbine again.
  9. Some random shots from a Power plant I'm working at in Pennsylvania. There are two units at this plant. Each capable of around 5 megawatts each. Were putting instrumentation on the turbine to measure some upgrades they've made. . .. This is inside the exhaust. This are will be around 9-1100 degrees when it's running. A view looking the other way of the exhaust with flow. It's really hard to describe how big this thing is. You can't see it all in the photo but this is nearly four stories tall. .
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