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  1. the dd 1508 are sexy as hell but but shipping plus duties ontop of the price of the subs will be over $2500 Damn, that ideas out the window then
  2. I like my DD1508... 8 8s is a good bit of cone area, and that's a nice amount of power. I think you would be pleased with the 1508. And you'll have room to add more power if you need
  3. Yessir. I may end up buying a set for James to review as well, if my experience with them goes good.
  4. Just ordered a pair of Shok Buds, will give my own review of them when they come in. All the reviews I've read make them out to be incredible, especially for the low price. http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/car-audio-product-reviews/102861-shokbuds-%5Bsonics-review%5D.html http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/car-audio-product-reviews/99694-review-shok-industries-ear-bud-splaudiohz.html And they have just received an upgrade http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/shok-ind/103406-shok-buds-just-got-upgrade.html
  5. If your anywhere near central Lousiana, we have a company called Lunar. They have some of the smallest footprints I've seen, and they will happy make you a custom heatsink to fit multiple boards.
  6. That may be the sexiest woofer I've ever seen. So tiny, yet so potent... Mi gusta
  7. If you were to do that, you would have to wire at 4ohm, which is 2ohm per amp. The amp is rated for 800 or so at 2ohm, correct? 2x800 would be 1600wrms, which would only be a 400w improvement over your single AQ1200. Hardly worth the $250+ IMO. A AQ2200 would be much better as you could run it at 1ohm...
  8. Sexy, do you know if/when the 18w6 will be back in stock? I missed em last time.
  9. I enjoy 35-36hz tuning myself, abd previous systems could play low with authority.
  10. I'd pick the BL if price isn't bothersome.
  11. No worries bro, I'll try and come up with some ideas and run them by you.
  12. Will try my hand at these ASAP guys. Don't have access to a computer until late tomorrow/ Wednesday, so please be patient Looks like I have lots of rendering to do lol
  13. I understand what you are getting at, and will attempt to work on it whenever possible (Wednesday seems good.) I ask for desired dimensions because this site doesn't allow over a certain size for certain members, and I do not want to make it too large to use. And to clear things up, a render is a image with a transparent background. You can just open it as a layer and manipulate it how you see fit, as opposed to a non-rendered image which will have some sort of background that won't work properly lol... Unless using stocks but that's another story. It just means I will have to render the logos requested myself, which will take a bit longer.
  14. Hey all. If all goes well (and I see no reason it shouldn't) this will be a thread where you can request custom signatures/avatars and possibly logos/ random artwork. This is something I've done on various forums over the years for any member interested. So, lets get to it shall we? Request Form 1. Artwork Requested (Sig/Avy/Etc.) 2. Size Requested 3. Theme 4. Render (Find one here. 5. Main Text 6. Sub Text 7. Colors Preferred At the moment, I will be the only one making these. If any other graphics guys are interested in participating in this, please feel free. Just post up some examples of work, the type of art you prefer, and anything else you can think of. Artist: Supercharged DCs Program: GIMP Experience: A Fair Amount Preferred Artwork: Signatures Examples: I'll try to do as many as possible, but need some of you artists here to participate as well
  15. Ain't no such this as overkill when it comes to bracing... Looks interesting, 2 cubes net seems a tad on the large side though, but I haven't personally used the DC 8.
  16. Congrats bro, and congrats to everyone who makes this site what it is!
  17. Get the subwoofer you want then. You won't find much quality for that cheap, and it's only $60 so you don't have much to lose. OR you could just put that $60 towards that BRZ you want...
  18. Pioneer Champion 10" http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-TS-W2502D4-Champion-Subwoofer-Watts/dp/B002ADO588 Seems to be a good budget woofer.
  19. Where did he mention he wanted DC woofers? OP, it will largely depend on the enclosure and amount of power you have to either setup.
  20. I know my Crecendo BC2000 barely makes one move, but I have no experience with 3k to the woofer. Logically, 3kw to a single woofer should get it moving nicely, that's a good bit of power... And always room to upgrade power if you get the Lv5
  21. Lv5s are some beautiful woofers, just take some power to get moving.
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