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  1. Steve, remember the douche bag shops giving you a hard time on the Car Sound forum... they were hiding this from you I think all shops need to be certified compliant to some freaking standards...looks better, though the audio system is worth more than the car
  2. +1 for someone else server, we host of 200 url's and website data on 1&1 with server backup... phenomenal support, 0 issues in 7 years. Now our internal server for email... that POS is always whacked out, we resorted to IM for communicating between the staff
  3. Thanks, they earned it this year, both are doing very well in school and seemed to balance football (6 days a week), homework, school, chores, and a life without screwing up. Both were captains of their teams, and one made defensive player of the year... They made me proud... and Santa repaid them
  4. Here is a quick pic I took on Xmas... eventually the wall paper and paneling will come down when we renovate the basement, but they could care less I also made them the shadowbox for their football jerseys while at work, just have to hang them up.
  5. They pretty mouthed freaked out, it took them a moment to figure it out, as their other Xbox is broken and they both received the same game.... I will let them rock it for a day before I lay some rules down, as I should of got them some depends diapers. But they were happy, thanks for the input from the few that responded. I will get some pictures later, the place is a mess now and don't want to embarrass myself
  6. They are 12 and 13 and fight if the other one looks at the other wrong... I will put up a divider if all hell breaks loose. they are going on the wall I bought another wall divider to mount the wiiu in between them , separated by about 3' between each screen I thought about it, on Sunday I can kick them out and I can watch 3 NFL games at the same time... too bad the season is almost over... or over after tomorrow...
  7. What no gamers? I decided last night looking at it just to mount on the wall and separate them as far as I can. I will take the other screen they currently have and mount that one in between them so they can have the wiiu on it. I found some game center chairs at target yesterday for $99, has a swivel and speakers built into it plus arm rests that fold out of the way. Im done with it, I have quite a few things to set up on xmas eve and trying to make it as quick as possible.
  8. well I have several questions setting this up, I am no gamer so hopefully I can find the answer here with someone that had to share with a sibling. I got them each their own big screen and Xbox connect, turtle beach headphones, and a gaming chair. 1) do I mount on the wall and separate them by about 6' or back to back? do I mount table height with the stand since the chair is lower, or on the wall with the connect piece above it? definitely need some help here as I don't want to screw it up since I have younger kids also I have to set it up xmas eve when they go to bed so I have a 4-5 hour window... I am just going to wrap the headphones and put them under the tree and set up the xboxs in the basement for more of a surprise. sorry it is one continuous paragraph but my tablet (surface) doesn't let the return button work ?!?!
  9. PPi back in the 90's used to run grounds back to the battery but the rocket scientists always said the cable presented its own resistance over the length. Then we have the others that want the same gauge, and our all about the chassis ground, however today's vehicles with the spot welds, vehicle frame/unibody dipped in corrosion protection and acid baths... also present its own problems with resistance You also have to look at how the battery is grounded also (and alternator supply wire) I personally like the same gauge, and grounding to the frame when I cant ground to the battery either way the amp turns on and produces music... hell some are even going strong for over 15 years now in the same car
  10. call me Mr. QA, but the trim shroud is scratched around the eq and the radio looks like it has some gaps,
  11. By "hustling" I mean busting your arse! There is other expenses as insurance, licenses, taxes, rent/mortgage, loans, payroll, more taxes, etc... Sad that you would refer to Houston as a dope city, i am sure all the hard workers there would have a different opinion
  12. I know a guy that built his empire on hustling flea markets, Daddy-O's car audio in Jacksonville Fl. The man would work 20 hours a day 7 days a week. However with the cheap shit, comes many boomerangs, be prepared for a lot of shipping back and forth. With cheap shit, the only person making money is UPS Further, with cheap shit comes low profit margins to stay competitive with other people and online sales. so for every JL speaker the competition sells, you will need to sell 2-4 cheap-o's to equal his profits. Definitely take business class, maybe something else will come to mind seeing that car audio isn't a get rich quick business.
  13. Also look at the population, what type of vehicles are being driven around down, to help find your audience. If you are only catering to a market of 50k people, and half of that is elderly or juvenile, you really limited your ability to make money, also if the cars are POS's, give up before you get started. as someone posted the labor is where the money is at, it pays for a lot of shop expenses including payroll. get a few business classes first, it is a must and an eye opener. You would need to work on a business plan also.
  14. I have to laugh at the "same shit" comment, If I were to open a new shop, those would be the top brands to sell, as they sell themselves! Further they are quality. If you want to open a shop with a bunch of low end budget gear and try to make a living at it, you need to be a hustler, dedicating 90% of your time and 100% focus towards it. until you get established and self sustained at a comfortable level financially, don't ever get online at work onto any forum. you will lose focus! Your not the first person with this idea, I will say 99% of the people fail at it. Take a few business classes, find someone to financially back it, and remember everything you or your shop does reflects on you and the shop. Good Luck!
  15. Note to self: Do not add your cell phone to the sig :(

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      Damn I missed the number what was it again?

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  16. Plan is simple, 3 way hi-energy Hertz in the doors 2 10" subs powered by an audison voce 5.1k fed by the factory nav system via an audison bit 10 Everything has to look factory
  17. hertz 3-way, ask ray on here, he is a hertz dealer. I am installing a set in a clients vehicle, and think they are phenomenal. you can look at the passive crossover and modify it to take out the mid bass section or bi-amp, which is what we do.
  18. he has family and his house id still there, plus h is a hero in Akron. I could care less as I am not a fan of basketball (can't play worth a crap). Plus never have your emotions dictate your income
  19. He came in, we opened the dealership for him on Sunday, He bought himself and his 3 high school friends new 911 Turbo's basically dropped a mill$$
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