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  1. i was being sarcastic but i would love to get 2 once they are actually being sold...and everyone has a price

  3. happy thanksgiving guys.

  4. man,as always. i bought a panasonic touch screen Hu and am amazed. coolest singledin headunit ive used so far and as always, shipped fast and better than explained. thanks buddy. you'll get a 10/10 from me anytime.
  5. i also would love a set of 8s to replace my vvx8s in my 73 dart. so i wouldnt mind a sicc new 8
  6. getting ready to hop on a plane to washington state to visit my girlfriend and family. gonna be a good 3 weeks and ill be doing a build on a 1988 toyota camry wagon in my free time. itll be sweet. well have a good 14 hours smd, becuz i have a few layovers and im terrified of flying so i wont be.

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    2. Lbox88


      Flying isn't bad. I do it all the time. Just put some music on, sit back, and pass the fuck out. Oh and when the flight attendants walk by, just have you headphones on but the jack visibly held in you hand, that way after they walk back by, you can plug in an start your music and they still think you're not listening to music.

    3. Raptorman


      Flying is actually the safest mode of transportation.

    4. pimpnFosgates


      still not a fan of flying and LBOX thats what i did haha

  7. theres a guy i work with whos deaf and he has 2 kicker 15 inch cvrs on 3000 watts. guess they love the feel. haha
  8. got a ticket. trying to turn a few things about my life around. then i got a ticket. good morning smd. have a wonderful day

  9. got 1st in my class at comp yesterday with a 140.5 with no tailgate or sealing in the back. also zydrix won loudest of show with a 143.5 out of his trunk on stock electrical. both systems done by myself. chris helped with the box building of his and soon to be helping the door glassing.

    1. zydrix


      u would have gotten so much louder if we could have got u sealed up. we should do that when u get back. ill b down to help ya.

  10. built a box for dc level 4 15 with xl package today. its official, im probably going to trade for one.oir buy. depends on what comes first

    1. zydrix


      i cant thank u enough bro. im so freakin happy with it!!!

  11. just bought a amp for my buddy from dre here. hes a good buddy. amp came and looked better than expected and pushed alot more power to my buddys subs. ZYDRIX not doin the simple things, all sorts of a dick wouldnt leave the feedback so i thought id throw it up for my buddy dre. thanks man, that amp was killer. and thanks for the original box. i turned him into the OG box collector like myself. haha good guy this one.
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