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  1. anyone up thats board? :( /

    1. Crandis16


      you can get board at the hardware store

    2. MrSkippyJ


      seriously. it's bored...hooked on phonics has made people fucking stupid.

  2. really not wanting to put the clutch in my pickup this weekend

  3. hey text me your name and number if you have mine got a different phone

  4. welp geuss i didnt win the mega millions, but thats fine with me i really would'nt kno what to do with such a thing, sure i would have some fun and have more than i needed but i get by with what i have and thats all that relly matters in life i got my friends and familly, thats ok by me.

  5. yea already looked at that while searching and theres no replies to it so its just asking what im asking lol thanks for the replie tho.
  6. anyone got an ALLDATA account that could help me out with a wiring diagram?

  7. hey guys not sure if this is the right place to put this but ill ask anyways, ive got a set of seats out off a 2000 chrysler lhs that im wanting to put into my old truck. the problem is is i cant find a wiring diagram to tell me what wires do what, the seats are full function with heat and memory, (control is atached to the bottom of the seat),can power the seats up to get them to move and what not and kno what wire turns on the illumination in the switches but cant get the heat to work on them. the drivers seat has like 20 wires coming from its plug but some go to the pass seat but im sure there must be an remote source that turns the power on to that part when the keys are on. thanks,
  8. CRAZY GIRL, dont you know that i love you? met to many and only loved one, has she been here? no not latley, have i told your latley i love you like crazy, girl.

  9. anyone got any nitro rc cars/trucks or parts?

    1. JacobB89


      yea i got 2 in my shed

  10. " Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it"

    1. BeatBox


      not always, most ppl complain and whine from behind a key board lol

  11. ya kno if the U.S. charged a dollar for every minute of stupid commerials and infomercials they could take care of the national debt in a pretty short time lol

  12. "the way i look at it is, none of us are promised tomorrow, so see life is a gift, so what you do today is so very very crusial for what happens tomorrow, you must find your drive, be the person that can go when noone else can go". Brent Smith

  13. The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die

  14. wtf 23 years old and just got stung by a bee for the first time in the middle of october. really?

    1. OrionStang


      Haha, did it hurt?

  15. tonight was a blast with some great friends but work in 3 hours is gunna suck thanks lol

  16. setting at home makeing random wing sauses but dnt got no wings lol

  17. dear sleepyness,please screw off i got things to do!! ok good day

  18. K...You're at a strip club...use the first seven people on your friends list in your profile in order! Do NOT CHEATThe pole dancer: Nathan Corey AllisonBartender: Royce JohnsonPerson who tries to get you drunk: Ashley Yott...Your wing man/woman: Sherman DelaPughHottest person in the room: Melinda BellDrunk person in the corner: Donna Blex PughPerson that gets arrested: Lance VolkerPretty random but also pretty funny!!

  19. some people are so pathic, mind your own buisness if you dont like somthing deal with it and grow up, you really gotta run your mouth on facebook about someone to make yourself feel better? come on now whats your age again? this isnt pre school anymore ppl! comon now just cause someone took your dam lollipop doesnt make it right to mess with there playdoe, laterz haterz

    1. Destram


      Says the guy dogging someone out behind their back on Facebook.

  20. blue can blues? maybe

  21. well tonight whent from nothing to hell ya nd back now got water chillin in the ear and it hurts rly bad

  22. wows great day so far gunna be a good one :{)

  23. i just love it when you ask someone if they kno a number then they call it and start shit cause they just had to call it to see if it was someone they were mad at, and get me in trouble with other ppl because i just asked if they knew a number.

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