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  1. I’m guessing that’s subjective to tuning. The highest octane available in Cali is 91, so I’m assuming when they tune it they’ll tune it with 91.
  2. Audio Art Amplifier

    Might have more luck in diyma. A lot of sq junkies there.
  3. not a fan of walls nope not me not at all...

    I thought the same thing to myself. This guys probably trying to jack up his post count so he can sell shit
  4. not a fan of walls nope not me not at all...

    This guys desperate for attention man
  5. Amazing how steve giving away free shit brings new members to the forum that won’t even stay after the give away is over smh. Pretty damn funny....

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    2. audiofanaticz


      My Instagram has a link to this site, but my following is small.


    3. meade916


      @audiofanaticz i shouldn't say NOBODY because there are a few....but the few that do help bring in new members and post links here, i HIGHLY appreciate it :) 


    4. hardkorethump


      Love the vids and like the info. Whether anything is won are not, just enjoy the info and vids and helping people. 

  6. I got a really good deal on those at a local stereo shop. I have not started in a box but I have the design and everything ready to go. I just need to find the time to get started on it.
  7. Picked up 2 10” w7 for my build as well. There is a good amount of space behind the back seat. Build is looking and coming along nicely
  8. FS: PPI 3-way BNIB

    Man, these have been calling my name. I know it’s a stretch but pm me if you you’re willing to take 2 payments for these component. Half now half later
  9. SMD VM-1 in 2007-2013 Chevy Dash?

    If your truck isn’t a 4x4 there is a nice spot for it to the left of the ac controls. Might put one in the little cubby thing to the right of the ac controls. Nothing a little epoxy, kitty hair, filler, and glazing putty can’t fix. 😉 cant wait to see your rig finished man.
  10. not pleased with 4-8" sundown

    Also if Want another box built talk to @audiofanaticz I’m pretty sure he can get a sweet box built for you.
  11. not pleased with 4-8" sundown

    Yeah, that port seems really under sized. One of the reasons I didn’t do the 4 8s was because after port and sub displacement the box would have been on the smaller side.