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  1. I have ordered a RP3500 and want to use dual power and ground. the amp uses a 350A fuse. My question is when doing the dual runs should i use 2 350 amp fuses or try to find 2 175a fuses?
  2. I've been quoted a good price on a HD4000. Now i am between the Taramps and the American Bass 200.1
  3. Just looking around and saw the AC OVERDRIVE. which is more effective the Epic and the OVERDRIVE? Wait, would this be consider as a VS?
  4. Are there any box builders in Mississippi? I'm far from a carpenter and don't even want to attempt to build anything, because I know better. lol I need a box built for a single 18 28-30hz tuning max dims: 42w 20d 18h
  5. I will be coming to Jackson pretty soon. as in possibly next week. We could meet up?
  6. yes, I listen to country and some doesn't have bass, so yes i'm looking to add bass to songs like Jason Aldean- Dirt Road Anthem. Yeah, Jackson is about 2 hours away. I might need to get my system looked over.
  7. I'm killing on the lowwwws, but when I listen to let's say "Green Onions" there's almost no bass due to the nature of that recording. I'm near Starkville, MS if that helps.
  8. I am interested in purchasing a bass processor. I am looking into the Hifonics BXI2.0. Why am I looking for a bass processor? I listen to a variety of music some of which doesn't have much to no bass in it. I'm not looking to make my system hit harder on rap songs(really don't listen to rap). I know the AC Epicener is the way to go(from what I've read), but its out of my budget. That's why I am looking at the Hifonics. If there is another one that is as good or better in this price range recommendations are welcome. What are your thoughts on the Hifonics BXI2.0? Does it make the music muddy? Does it not reproduce notes under 35hz since the remote's sub sonic filter doesn't go below 35hz?
  9. How well would the brz2400 perform/hold up to .5 ohm load with a daily setup. I am having a 275a Tenney alt being built as we speak, I have a redtop under the hood, and a XS Power D1200 in the trunk. the amp will be pushing 4 VVX 10s D2s. Also, what kind of power numbers might I be looking at?
  10. I have 4 VVX 10s on a BRZ2400 @ 1ohm tuned to 32.99hz it does really well. I have been told that my 10s sound much better than a lot of peoples 15s. Its so many factors that go into getting louder that it is hard to point out what could be wrong. 2 10s is not going to hit really hard, but rather give you good clean accurate bass. That's if you have the right 10s. Which you do. Skar FTW!!!!! Check you gains, voltage, ohms, headunit settings, and make sure your box doesn't have any leaks or is built sturdy. Just to give you a starting point.
  11. That's the point that i'm making. It wouldn't make sense to me for an amp to play so high. I never said I believed SSA. Quite frankly I think that its crazy that no one say corrected the mistake(no offense to the I.T. and web designers). Also, I find it funny that someone had to go as far as name calling and such. I mentioned that it was 50hz, because I was 150% positive that it was wrong, and hoping that someone would correct it. Just think if someone didn't know about this forum, googled car audio, found SSA, read the wrong spec, and thought that it wouldn't dig deep. Now I know that you maybe thinking that this is unlikely, but it can very well possibly happen. I am not arguing that Kevin's specs are wrong at all. Especially considering that Skar is known for that gut wrenching deep bass.
  12. I hate when you ask for a price at a local shop and when you tell them you can get it cheaper online they get pissed. lol Just have more competitive prices with the online prices. You will get more business. At least from me anyways. lol Example: In Store-Incriminator Death Row $499 Online- $378 Also, when people get offensive with noobs. the question may seem dumb to you, but for a new guy/girl it may make perfect sense because they don't know. That's why they joined the forum. To learn more!!!! lol
  13. You want me to threaten you, but asking would you call me a "boy" in my face is not a threat. This little talk is not worth threatening someone over. I actually find it very amusing that you took this so far. lol....... Asking which spec is wrong is just a question. SSA is a very reputable company, not just some website. It is also one of Skar Audio's authorized dealers. I have made many typos and mistakes; that's why I simply asked to verify the correct spec.
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