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  1. Hey guys and gals I have 3 vvx10s on a Hifonics BRZ2400. I was thinking of getting 2 EVL 15s with a RP3500. Unfortunately it seems i dont have the 7 cubes needed for the EVLs. What do you all think of the vvs on the RP 3500? Note: 10s are D 2s
  2. I've been quoted a good price on a HD4000. Now i am between the Taramps and the American Bass 200.1
  3. Where do you live in Mississippi ... I'm real close to Jackson I live in the Starkville area. Cool ... we need to meet up sometime to chat and demo rides ... cool...PM me your number, facebook, or something. We can meet up sometime.
  4. Amazon has the BRZ2400 for less than $300, if you can catch them. lol
  5. Where do you live in Mississippi ... I'm real close to Jackson I live in the Starkville area.
  6. I'm not trying to be dick, but at the bare minimum you should have a dmm.. I got mine for 25 bucks. I'm not saying you should use it to set your gains but it has more than one use LOL I never said that I didn't have a dmm. I said I don't have the fancy stuff like a DD-1.
  7. I have the BRZ2400 on 4 Skar VVX 10s, and i love it for the price. I wish I would have gotten something a bit bigger though, because they need more power. Hello Cresendo BC3500!!!
  8. I live in Mississippi and most shops around here have no clue what a DD-1 is, so I don't have access to non of the good stuff to properly set my gains. I wish I could spend the big bucks to get the DD-1 DDM and so on, but I am not made of dollar bills. lol
  9. I'm going to take "very" good care of them. I just bought the amp a month ago. lol so i am looking at something a bit more powerful now.
  10. I know, but a buddy of mine is selling 4 10s for a really good price. I will upgrade the amp as soon as I have the money too
  11. What will be the ohm load if you wire 4 2ohm subs in parallel or series. I am looking into getting some vvx 10s from a buddy and wondering will the SK-1500(I know i am seriously underpowering them)I have will be stable with that load.
  12. That's the point that i'm making. It wouldn't make sense to me for an amp to play so high. I never said I believed SSA. Quite frankly I think that its crazy that no one say corrected the mistake(no offense to the I.T. and web designers). Also, I find it funny that someone had to go as far as name calling and such. I mentioned that it was 50hz, because I was 150% positive that it was wrong, and hoping that someone would correct it. Just think if someone didn't know about this forum, googled car audio, found SSA, read the wrong spec, and thought that it wouldn't dig deep. Now I know that you maybe thinking that this is unlikely, but it can very well possibly happen. I am not arguing that Kevin's specs are wrong at all. Especially considering that Skar is known for that gut wrenching deep bass.
  13. You want me to threaten you, but asking would you call me a "boy" in my face is not a threat. This little talk is not worth threatening someone over. I actually find it very amusing that you took this so far. lol....... Asking which spec is wrong is just a question. SSA is a very reputable company, not just some website. It is also one of Skar Audio's authorized dealers. I have made many typos and mistakes; that's why I simply asked to verify the correct spec.
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