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  1. Another great transaction with me. Picked up a 3500 from him and had it shipped out within hours of payment. Amp is in better condition than I could have imagined, definitely takes good care of his equipment!
  2. Without watching that vid, it looks like one that was posted a while back, as far as i know Decaf made a couple posts and stated you couldn't remove clipping, because it just quiets down the clipping, leaving the waveform (?) unaffected. I wish I could find those threads, a lot of useful info in them.
  3. Once you know what you're looking for, you can totally spot it in Audacity. Hmm...I guess i should've clarified. I was talking strictly sending a clipped signal to your subs. I was always told you can't accurately check specifically for low frequency clipping because audacity shows clipping from any hz.
  4. It's been discussed before, Audacity doesn't check clipping for lower frequencies exclusively. It shows all ranges of frequencies mashed together, for lack of a better explination. And your subs aren't going to be playing anywhere near all of those frequencies, so it's not a good way to check. Practice on .5 speed in wmp or whatever the slowest setting is. It'll get easier checking songs after a while, and if it helps, modify it to clip and run it through WMP to get an idea of what to look for.
  5. i hate to be that asshole, but dont listen to this guy^^ distortion IS clipping. is the DD-1 an oscope? no. it will just tell you at what gain level distortion is being sent to your speakers. I hate to be THAT asshole, but everything he said was correct. Distortion does NOT necessarily imply clipping. Anyway, the DD-1 detects distortion. While an o-scope gives you a visual representation of the sine wave going through your speakers. The DD-1 is more accurate in the sense that it will detect more than just clipping, and it will set it to exactly 1% THD. Thank you. I was most likely misinterpreted when i said all "not all distortion is clipping" and it was taken as "distortion isn't clipping" Either way, I didnt make too much sense in my response after work last night, lol. I'm far from an expert on the matter but there are more ways to distort than clipping.
  6. i hate to be that asshole, but dont listen to this guy^^ distortion IS clipping. is the DD-1 an oscope? no. it will just tell you at what gain level distortion is being sent to your speakers. I'm saying whenever you clip music, it is distorted. You can also have distortion from other things in your system, and still not be "clipping". Basically what I'm saying is it's better to check for distortion, than it is to just check fr clipping. Seem a little more...not so dumb, phrased that way?
  7. The DD-1 is not an o-scope. Quite a few differences, a big one being scopes detect clipping, the dd-1 detects distortion (omg!). All clipping is distortion, but not all distortion is clipping. Without going into it too much, get a dd-1. It's more user friendly and its pretty amazing.
  8. Thanks a bunch, dude! I saw an archived version but it didn't have any pics, definitely a good find!
  9. All it takes is time, man. I was fortunate enough to able to drive my winter car so i could let this sit until I was done with it. A little detail here and there goes a long way. And black-out the box after your trim pieces are on?!?
  10. BC's seem pretty solid, tell us how it works out for ya! Still don't see the "paying dearly" part...not too far off in price imo
  11. Definitely good to see a real world example and getting a good amount of attention. Only thing is some posters seem scared for their life, as if crimping if going to do make their wire catch on fire. by not soldering a lug that is meant to be soldered..... If I'm not mistaken, about the only difference between lug type is solder style has a whole near the ring for ease of use. After all, it's only metal.
  12. Whores, or overly-in-love people. Whores = "I thought he was the one :'( </3" after someone uses them Pathetic love = "No one in the world I love so much, he/she is the greatest thing ever. <insert time you started dating followed by their 3 initials here 33333" **note that the date may be as little as one week previous to that days date**
  13. And with all the new products coming out! I could use just about all of them somewhere along the line! Will have a few vids including possibly a little hairtrick action if it's not too windy out tomorrow
  14. Bump for mysterious boxes! Alright, I guess the jig's up.... Combo Pack! Woo! But not just that.... Friggin' awesomeness. It really is sweet that Steve takes the time to sign all of these bad boys.
  15. BC3500, AQ3500, or used saz3500 gets my vote.
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