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  1. This amp can run at 1ohm right? I want one but its huge. Any info if sundowns working on a smaller one? Is that why the re not in production anymore maybe? Like the new 125.4?
  2. Didnt rob from dc have a vid of burping/playing music on stock electrical in his car? What kind of amp does he run?
  3. Ok now I have an idea of how they make um handmade. But how do they mass produce in china? Any links to anything?
  4. No level 6? I was thinkin of adding an xl or switch to a level 6. I guess now its just a question of addin an xl 15 or reconing to 18s and and a second
  5. I have 2 audiocontrol units the lc2 and lc6i. I know I can use an dd1 to find distortion but in the video steave used an oscope to see the voltage comin out. I dont have one will a normal multi meter work or not to check the voltage if so how?
  6. When will there be a plug and play harness for the new gm pcm alts ? Get on it mechman
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