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Found 33 results

  1. I currently have an AQ2200D, I'll be running 0 gauge for everything, including the Big 3. I'll be running two 12" Fi SSD's fully loaded, if that info helps. I'm looking to upgrade my battery under the hood as well as putting a battery in the trunk. I've looked into xs power, tempest, dekas, etc. I do not know what to look for when finding the right batteries for my application. I'll be using this system as a daily ground pounder. Thank you all for your knowledge.
  2. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  3. I need some help designing a box to go in the trunk of my 2001 taurus. I have 1 AQ HDC3 15 (alum coils), and will be powering it with an aq 2200. My electrical is good so im not worried about that, i just need the box to fit in the trunk. Max dimensions are roughly 38x34x13. Someone please help me with some ideas for this box. Thanks!
  4. ok so on my quest to find a better amp than the one I have now ( alpine mrx-m100 600 @4, 1000 @2, 600 @1 that's straight out the manual) ive came acros an older alpine mrv1507 the alpine mrv 1507 is near 18 or so inches long and it is a 2 chl amp heres the spec form user manual 12v 20-20khz per chl 4 ohm - 150w 0.08% thd per chl 2 ohm - 300w 0.3% thd bridged 4ohm - 600w 0.3% thd 14.4v 20-20khz per chl 4 ohm - 225w 0.08% thd per chl 2 ohm - 450w 0.3% thd bridged 4 ohm - 900w 0.3% thd ive done some of my own research and everywhere I found says the amp is under rated but how far? and does anything it will handle 2 ohm bridged daily? ( I never drive far or bump to long so about maybe 10 or 15 min runs ) ohh asking price for it is 200 bucks
  5. Hey im thinking of getting 2 Sundown Audio e series 12s but i was wondering what a good amp to power them would be. Right now im deciding between the aq1200 and the ss taranchula 1300. Is there any other good options or something you guys could recommend? Im looking for a semi high-end amp that is class d and is pretty efficient. Ohh and if ur thinking or recommending boss, lanzar, etc...dont even bother lol
  6. i just sold my 2 AQ HDC3 12inch subs and im ready to upgrade just don't know what subwoofers to get to many options has to be 2k rms + im running 2 strapped aq 2200 at 0ne ohm my voltage drops to high 13s low 14s im guessing i have 5k rms available my box is gross internal volume is 5.15 cuft port is 8" diameter and 15" long 36.8Hz, 50.24 square inches of port area. i thought about team ifs or sp4 12s but it doesn't have to be fi. that's just what im most impressed with right now this is my log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/194077-04-gmc-reg-cab/#entry2907502
  7. so a fellow car audio bud of mine is selling off his setup to upgrade..... 2 15 aq hdc3s and 2 planet audio bb 2400.1 Ive heard they don't do rated but they can do close to rated... I don't need the 1700w claimed at 2 ohm I only need like 1200-1500 (upgrading from an old alpine mrx-m100) to power my sundown x 12 d4 im not making it a perm amp just something to give the sub more juice until tax time anyone got some info on these amps (I know he hit a 154.3 in a 8.4 cuft box tuned to mid 30s in a dodge caravan w/ 7 agm batts stock alt) but I don't have that much electrical I have 2 kinetic hc 1400s and 1 run of 1/0 on a stock Honda alt any opinions or info would be awesome (getting the amp for 200 w/ tool man dual 1/0inputs (going to be getting a nother run of 1/0 during tax time also)
  8. im trying to figure out this port area thing, how do u know how much is needed. does this box look right it for aq hdc3 12
  9. yesterday i smoked one of the aq 2200. its been working fine for years i guess .5 ohms finally killed her i had two of them strapped at 1 ohm the other one i think is still good does anyone know a place that repairs amps? bc i want to get ready for va tdh show next month
  10. Hello all, this is my first major build and now that it's finished I have a few questions. Here is a list of what I have installed. Fi Sp4 15 d2 fully loaded Audioque2200d SHCA 1/0 wire Xs Power D4700 My voltage holds well, playing full tilt it drops to 13.7. I have the set up firing towards the rear and the back seats up(Chevrolet Cruze). I just feel like I should be louder than what I am, but I could be wrong I don't know. I do know that I need deadener...lol, but once I do put deadener in should I turn the set up around and seal it off from the trunk? Just need some wise advice from people here. Thank you guys.
  11. hey everyone, i have a question that im just trying to get an opinion on. so, i have a 2000 blazer with the stock alt still (yes i know laugh it up LOL). but i have done the big 3 with skyhigh 1/0 OFC. i have just an average duralast battery up front, and an XS power D4700 in the rear. all wiring in shca 1/0. the rear battery is grounded to where the rear seats bolts to the frame/floor, is that a good ground? Im running an AQ2200 @.7 ohms. my voltage drops to mid 11s. is that to be expected with the batteries and wiring i have? do you guys think i need an HO alt for this amp or just a few extra batteries? thanks!
  12. do u gule down the spider or just bolt it? or both. also the holes arent lining up right on plasic ring on spider btw before and after it was blown so i turned up the gain and bass bost lol
  13. After plenty of research, i came down to my final two options i'm considering: 1.) 1 ssa icon 15 w/ aq 1200d 2.) 2 sa12s w/ soundstream 1600d I'm going for more sq than spl since i have a small car (05' corolla) and i really appreciate great sounding bass. Just to answer the basic questions, i like bass heavy music, both choices would be ported in a proper custom enclosure (which i will build) and i really wanna use less power since i dont wanna invest too much in my electrical system. Thx a lot for any input and u guys really helped
  14. Leave what you have for sale below and a price or pm me!
  15. my buddy wrecked his car and he needed money bad. so he sodl me some of his car audio, I bought a sundown saz 1500d v2 with 1 28ft., 2 10ft, 4 2ft 1/0 scha for 300 bucks ok so now I have a fusing and dual input question my head is telling me that ill take the needed fusing and divide the need fusing by 2 for the 2 runs so 160 for the saz and another 40 for my mids and high amp. ill need 200 amps fo fusing so ill have 100 amp fuse on each run right? and im ordering toolmaker dual inputs is there any fuse blocks that will take 2 1/0 cables and use a single fuse? not needed just would prefer?
  16. What's up guys? I've decided that this weekend, I'm going to wall off my blazer. I've currently got my hdc3 18's subs up/port back and I'm not happy with the box. It is currently 13 cubes at 34.5 hz. with 210 sq in of port. I am having some unloading issues since I'm pushing 1900 watts daily to the subs. I was thinking of doing a smaller box at 36 hz. What do you guys think optimal box size would be for this power? Thanks!
  17. Novak

    kicker amps?

    ok so ive been looking around for some deals on amplifiers and I keep in touch with several local pawn shops, and have them on the lok for quality high output amps. (everyone around here with anything worth a damn doesn't sell it though, especially to pawn shops..) never the less you never know when someone might sell I nice aq2200 or need some money and sell an actual good amp. well I know kicker subs aren't the greatest but ive heard a lot of good form their amps, and I was contacted by a buddy at a pawn shop who just had an amp default on pawn. its a kicker zx 1500.1...... does 1500 @ 2 14.4v cea-2006 certified 1.5% thd.... I thought that was strange but yea any thoughts? there asking 200 with my old alpine mrx-m100? little steep but room to talk them down should I snag it for the extra power (needed) power or hold off on something better fyi- funds are short cant afford a good new amp, a break in to my car about a month set me back quite a bit
  18. First off, wrong section. Secondly, we have rules to be able to sell here. You might want to go take a look at them in the FOR SALE SECTION...
  19. ok so ive been trying to get my amp tuned with a dd-1 but I cant find a single soul that has one in my area so im going to go tune with a multimeter but I know that it does above rated so I need some clamp test results or ad-1 results or something that tells me what this will do anyone with info please help I need to be able to tune my amp
  20. looking for some help designing a box. the problem is i only have 31 inches width 16 inches height and about 40 inches depth. the subs are 2 Sounqubed hds312 looking to tune it low. i have made several attempts to make this box without success all because of the dimensions any help would be highly appreciated. i have ran into problems with the port size as well as the subs are actually 12.5 inches total. don't know if it matter but i will be running them off a ct sounds 1400.1
  21. So on ebay the RE Audio. ZTX 5000.1 is 300 bucks. RMS Power (4&@14.4V): 1000 W x 1 RMS Power (2&@14.4V): 1700 W x 1 RMS Power (1&@14.4V): 2500 W x 1 250 a fuse external any body got any experience with this amp? good? bad? any dyno scores?
  22. i recone this hdc3 1 month ago i just started hearing a noise from it. my first thought was dam blew another one fuck. i took the sub out and saw this. the spiders separated and the ring was slapping around making that noise wtf. the spider i ca guled, is still attach to the sub ??????? im going to call aq tomorrow, just wanted to know what u guys think. only on aq 2200 at 4 ohms
  23. this is my 2004 gmc sierra regular cab pickup amps 2x aq2200 lanzar opti 250.4 rf 850.4 no name garbage 200.4 subs 2x aq hdc3 12 speakers 8x sound stream 8inch pro 6x crescendo audio pwx 4 super tweeters audiopipe electrical 3 batteries 2 runs of 0 gauge stock alt (need ho alt badly)
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