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  1. I hope to see a video of this thing up and running again soon! It's sad to see it sitting dead in the water
  2. I'm trying to save you some back tracking nobody wants to get done and find out "oh dang I should have done that when I had the chance". But go nuts and I'm excited to see what you do! Good luck
  3. You should paint the yellow foam black (where the trunk arms slot through the cover you made). That yellow shining through would stand out a lot less if you painted it black or some other color Looking awesome and looking forward to the results! P.S. this is just a minor issue but I wanted to point it out anyway, like the dent.
  4. I love watching what ever you make, it's like a new movie coming out! Can't wait to see where you go with this And the van will be an even better sequel!
  5. I'm guessing the inspiration for this topic was all of the douche bags ranting "FAKE" on your glass breaking video? Just know that deep down, they're just jealous they can't do that and are just looking for a reason to go against you for that reason. Also, they can't observe details worth crap lol. Keep doin' what you're doin, they'll get over it
  6. Can't believe you made a post about my sig about mismatched subs. I got my whole system for $100 and I'm proud of it, mistmatched or not. I'm a college student with almost no money to spend so in my mind it doesn't matter. I used my sig to tell what I own, and that's what I own. I'm proud of it, shouldn't be a big deal. Back to topic plz
  7. Lol! This is perfect for my brother I swear. Also, I think it's funny how his glasses still have the brand sticker on the lens
  8. Well worth the money, I'd be doing the same thing lol. Gotta love cheap beater cars for entertainment (Subaru Impreza is my favorite kinda car for nobody that cares )
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