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  1. Stock alt is 105-110amp. Car pulls around 50-60 amps from what I could find. charges 14.5-15v cold but hot its down in the 13.6-13.8v range usually. trunk measurements 41" wide bottom depth 30" top depth 19" if you stay under 36" wide roughly but if going wider its about 17" height at 19" top depth can go up to roughly 22" but if going with a wider box height is limited to about 19" like nightshade has said he has a lot of exp with these cars. I'm going to be working with him for my build which will be 2 t2d415 on 2 t1500.1bdcp at 2ohms. He is convinced he can get me above a 150 with the tricks he learned with his exp. he found that sub up port to diver side is great for both daily and comps in these cars. The like to get low with authority.
  2. ^ its not like doubling power is a guarantee of a 3db increase. It a possible 3db increase but I wouldn't count on more then 1db just because there is no point in getting your hopes up. sound deadening us a hit or miss on a meter to. Sometimes you can gain a little sometimes you can loose some.
  3. Ic, so doubling would be 10k.. well if I was you I'd go one of 3 ways. 1. Double power hope for decent voltage 2. Double power don't play full tilt unless competing or voltage is good. 3. Sell the amp you have and go for 7-8k instead.
  4. What amps do you have now? Maybe start with doubling power.
  5. Possibly, you didn't mention vehicle ( some are known for low charging voltage) or wiring. Also need to make sure your not clipping because it can create more heat which is bad for electrical. if you go for it watch voltage drop and just make sure you top your batteries off ad much as possible.
  6. Depends on the vehicle but I think a good start would be 5 batts. Biggest you can get to fit in what ever area you have. Do some voltage drop tests then add more if needed. 2 runs 2/0gauge or 4 runs 0 gauge min and in this case it might be more beneficial to do ground runs but if I was you I would do frame grounds and runs.
  7. Fyi, Rockford never offered recommend ne kits for any of the t2 series Subs. You can source parts for them as you are doing for the trf though.
  8. Do it with out turn it on and check for clipping agian. I don't think it would make a dufference
  9. The punch pro are loud and clean. For pro audio speakers they sound great. components will sound a good amount better and most have better midbass response. if you want sound quality get a comp set, if you want loud get pro audio.
  10. Its more of if you want more voltage or if your voltage is staying under what is ideal for your setup. Not talking full tilt but rather charging voltage. or at least that's how I see it.
  11. Works great for rope to. Learned that camping with my dad. Never thought of doing it for wires though.
  12. well I only got the sample pack (free) because another forum I have an account on (non car audio) recently added them as a vendor and they offer cheaper prices for members of that forum. Still not worth it imo. like I said the gtmat onyx is the best they sent me and where it is comparable to dynamat extreme it still felt like it was missing the quality. my next build is king to be b stock I think. 32sqft should be a real good start and at the price I don't think I could complain about minor imperfections.
  13. Was just throwing my 2 cents out there about this brand. for the price I feel like it can be beat with a better product is all.
  14. For example the b stock for $85 gives you 32sq ft and people have had good results with it 40sq ft of damplifier is $137 36sq ft of gtmat onyx is $130. for only $7 more you can get 4sq ft more with a good reputation and reviews from people right here on smd or for $45 less you can get 4sqft less but its still coming from a company that has been tested and reviewed several time by members right here on smd. I just feel like taking a risk on a company that the product doesn't feel like it us on par with its competitors isn't worth it when you can get what you know will work great and could be cheaper.
  15. So I got a link to get a free sample from them and I got to say for most part it is worthless imo. I've used dynamat extreme in the past and that stuff works great so inn comparison to how the 2 brands felt the dynamat wins with out a doubt. however the gtmat onyx is a very close feel, look and thicknes. Its the only deadener I would consider trying on a full build that they sent me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that is doing a big build but a small build (120-140db range for reference) might get good results out of it. imo, it would be a better option to get a more well known brand for quality then the gtmat though. it was just a few small pieces (card sized pieces) but I just don't see it being as effective as the more known brands on this forum. link to gtmat http://www.gtmat.com/
  16. Wow, this thread just wow... what I see is mechman giving great customer service. a self installer that quickly blamed mechman rather then checking his own work(from what he said at least) not to mention the smaller pulley us to help increase output at lower rpms but still won't do as much at idle as some stock units. the pcm controlled alt could very well be giving issued do to a small mistake in the install.
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