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  1. 4 punch pro 6.5 and 2 punch 8" shallows. Can't forget sound deadener, batteries, copper battery terminals, and 0g to 4g reducers. Then it's build time
  2. This will be awesome. I did a box for a 19" on a 2500bdcp in a Yukon back in March. Tuned at 35hz it was wanting to destroy the Yukon. Single layer of sound deadened in the whole suv and it was flexing like crazy. The windshield and dash was just smacking against each other. Rockford posted pics up of it on there Facebook page. Can't wait to see this one done. Should be a lot better with Mr. Meade behind the creation of it.
  3. The sun is rated at 3k rms and is much more impressive in person. He 2500bdcp can put out as much as 3800 from what I've seen on their birth sheets. We have one on the shelf at my work that is above 3600 on the sheet at 1ohm. This box is looking sick as hell though
  4. ^^ That last paragraph, that's what it's about. Competing is fun and all but a loyal customer that supports their favorite brands fully are the ones that are true fanatics. Those are the people that help push this hobby further. It helps the company you support to have that she they need to keep them pushing.
  5. The wires on it are short as well. I had plenty of 18g laying around that I used for mine along with an online fuse holder.
  6. The vm-1 isn't to bright imo. If I'm tired and had a king day then sometimes it will seem to bright.
  7. Good chance I'll be at CES next year. My boys signed a new contract with Rockford and if all goes right I'll be in charge of it and at CES by next year.
  8. Question: Like asked by others, if you don't have much to offer to xs power as a team member other then just simply running your product and doing a few competitions a year. Us guys up here in AK are just about an untapped market for xs power...I mean if course we have the usual part stores and some cheap Chinese batts.
  9. And some of them are constant power! That's right 4 and 2ch constant power. Would be so much more exciting if they didn't come out last year lol.
  10. Some great pics here Steve, thanks for them. We are all waiting on the bids though.
  11. No, you need to find the max unclipped signal from the cd player, then set the gain to its maxed unclipped signal. Then adjust the subsonic and lpf. You need a clean signal! That is where you need to start, research clipping, amp gain, how to set gain, and electrical.
  12. Fail thread Google search amp gain setting Dd1 Setting gain on amp Clipping Distortion
  13. My 80prs can reach full volume 1khz 0db. Max again with 40hz -5db. Turn sub level all the way up and with a 40 hz -5db tone I can still reach 61/62. So yes a head unit can reach full volume and be clean doing so. But the same one can be slight lower then full volume depending settings.
  14. I was just thinking the same thing. But hey at least from reading this thread we all can see who knows how to read instructions. Lmao
  15. Advice Quit car audio until you can google search. Tthen start small so you can learn.
  16. When I first saw this thread I saw that it was being replaced by the dealer purchased from. Thought good its being fixed no input needed. Then I see its updated look at it to see that you are talking about the product and customer service as shit. Noticed you didn't try to contact damore but still gave a bad review of them. If i owned a company and saw saw such a bad review without the customer trying to contact me I would still help fix it and charge you shipping for all of it. If you came to me first I would cover shipping 100% and talk with the dealer about the issue so it wont happen agian.
  17. ^^ If that is not giving a shit about their product or customers then I'll just jump off a bridge now. Sorry op but the whole smd line has great customer service and quality. They unlike most companies like to handle issues themselves. They take a straight on approach to all issues and will never ignore it.
  18. You havet fully tried to solve the issue yet but you still come here talking shit about the person who made it. Saying they don't care about quality or their customers. A direct Stab at them with out trying to contact them to let them know of the issue. If you had done that and the posted a review of the whole issue and what damore and Steve Meade did to correct the issue then it would be a legit reason to post this. I'm sure they will contact the dealer you purchased from and fix the issue.
  19. Best thing to do in this situation is talking with Damore rather then talking shit on here. Sorry your having issues but the people that actually build these and design them aren't hard to get ahold of. I'm sure you would make it further with them.
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