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  1. I really believe bedliner only slows the process of water coming in, either way its still happening. A lot of guys have started using strictly King Starboard for enclosures for the marine environment. As far as fiberglass goes, it definitely does not adhere well to plastic, you need to drill holes in the panel. In my opinion the best way is to go about things is to never try and bond anything to the OEM plastic, you have to find solutions to mount to it and match its profile. Not add to it. I have some plans for the future. In the case of tweeter pods you can get away with adding... but only because they are small. Depending on the specific situation it might be easiest to wax up the plastic panel and use it as a mold, then strip the wax and sand the plastic down a bit and use a good adhesive to attach the glass piece. Thanks for the info guys. Like I said the panel itself does not really have any structural rigidity itself. It is from a much older vehicle, so I am not too sure about attaching a large fiberglass piece with a bunch of heavy speakers to it. I will figure something out though. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank for doing these awesome videos Mark! So I have yet another question about fiberglass for you. So some fabricators such as Kyle Golden have been saying that fiberglass does not actually adhere to the plastic which is used to make door panels and dashes. If that is the case, is there anything that can be done to make it adhere properly, or should we just use other materials. I ask because I was going to start on my doors this winter, and everything I have learned to do all involves fiberglass, but Kyle just uploaded a video saying that it wouldn't last in an application where the fiberglass needed to adhere to the panel, and it should not be used. I should also note that for my application, I can not make a panel which just mounts to the existing panel, the existing panel has basically no structural rigidity by itself. In response to your previous video, I would like to say that I built an enclosure which I coated with several coats of a bedliner material called Rockgaurd I believe. One day my vehicle leaked in some heavy rain, and the entire side of the box swelled. The bedliner did not stop the water at all. Just my experience on that subject. Thanks for any input Mark, Sawyer
  3. By far the cleanest and strongest looking speaker adapters I have seen. I think a few manufacturers that include adapters with there speakers should take some hints.
  4. If you have the proper space in the trunk to do four then go ahead. As long as the box is the proper size and is well built, it should sound fine either way. As for Lanzar amps I just feel that they are pretty low quality. My experience with them through my customers who use them has not been good. A lot of people run them though and they seem to work fine for most people. Just seems to me like you are buying some really nice quality subs and skimping out on the amp. That's just my two cents though. I would personally use 2 12s over 4 10s. Mainly for the fact that you won't have to double your power.
  5. Besides using a Lanzar amp that sounds just fine to me. Anything specifically that you need an opinion on?
  6. Been here since June 18, 2012. I'm from Batesville Arkansas. Mainly a lurker. Love to spend time here when I have the time do so.
  7. I personally don't like the sound of the Rockford mids, but that is just me. I can't explain what it is about them, but there is just something that sounds odd about the pair I have. I would say that before you buy them try to find someone with a pair you can listen to first. I would also suggest that if you don't plan on running 100 watts to them to look for a mid that fits the 75 watt power range you said you have. I am sure that the 25 watts wouldn't be that big of a deal, but the Rockfords can take a ton of power, and they have a recommended wattage rating for a reason. You won't be getting the full potential out of the speaker at 75.
  8. For the price you pay for a BDS they are quality in my opinion. They have a lifetime replacement warranty that is a "if you can break it we will replace it" kind of thing. It isn't a bulletproof, cognito, or a rize, but it also doesn't cost 5k+.
  9. Velvet Revolver- Fall to Pieces I have no idea how to embed Youtube links.
  10. You can take the AMM-1 off of mine. Ended up having to get rid of it. You can add CC-1, Hydraulic Crimpers,and Oscope. Thnaks man. Glad you took this thing over. As for the new CD JMAC I would shoot Steve an email.
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