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  1. Hey guys. So I only like a few more days of work finishing up everything with my roof, and I am about to recover my headliner. I am really wanting to do it in a black suede. I was wondering what you guys suggested fabric wise as in like a specific brand. I have heard that the eBay stuff is awful, and I want it done right so that it will last and the edges near the windows not sun fade in a year or two. I am fine with paying for some good stuff, I just have no idea what to get. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sawyer
  2. By far the cleanest and strongest looking speaker adapters I have seen. I think a few manufacturers that include adapters with there speakers should take some hints.
  3. If you have the proper space in the trunk to do four then go ahead. As long as the box is the proper size and is well built, it should sound fine either way. As for Lanzar amps I just feel that they are pretty low quality. My experience with them through my customers who use them has not been good. A lot of people run them though and they seem to work fine for most people. Just seems to me like you are buying some really nice quality subs and skimping out on the amp. That's just my two cents though. I would personally use 2 12s over 4 10s. Mainly for the fact that you won't have to double your power.
  4. Besides using a Lanzar amp that sounds just fine to me. Anything specifically that you need an opinion on?
  5. I use it. Awesome deck. No distortion at full volume. High voltage pre-outs. The tune it app makes adjusting anything in the unit much easier than the unit interface. It is pretty user friendly though. Don't think I ever had to pull out the instructions and had never used an Alpine before. Quality construction. Lots of random thoughts there. Overall, I would say it is pretty close in overall build quality, sound quality, and adjustment options to the Kenwood KDC-X996 which I had previously. My only complaint is that it only interfaces with Android through bluetooth.
  6. You just gave me some great ideas on how to get my doors done.Is that 7 or 8 layers? Not sure honestly. It is also PVC, not wood. Where do you get this PVC material? Or is it a secret...
  7. I believe most peoples deciding factor is that 1/0 is smaller like mentioned above. Easier to run through a vehicle, and the fuse blocks and everything are more available for them at a much cheaper cost. As far as I known you have to get custom machined fuse blocks for skyhigh 2/0. Those aint cheap.
  8. I need a measurement from the center of the post to the back edge of the batt case for a Northstar AGM 34. By this I mean the edge that is the furthest from the terminal. I need the measurement to machine some battery terminals, but my batt is running two weeks late, so I do not have it physically available to take measurements. If anyone has a Northstar AGM 34 and could get me this measurement that would be awesome. Doesn't have to be extremely accurate. Eyeballed with a ruler is fine. Thanks, Sawyer
  9. Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you knew of any shows in and around Arkansas for the next couple months. We don't have many, and the ones we do have I have no idea how to find out about them. So if any of you can drop me a place and time for some local ones that would be awesome. Thanks, Sawyer
  10. This build is already freaking sick man. Keep it up. If you don't mind me asking what brand is that radiator, and where did you buy it. I think all of the bedliner looks great. Plan on doing my roof also.
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