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  1. hey boss, I need to change my address again. Currently in Del Valle, TX. Out of the military now so I should be put for a while. Thank you.

    1. MrSkippyJ


      what if his boss can see us replying to this?

    2. damato300x7


      beatinpearls you have been updated.  Sorry it took so long


  2. Casettes for a short time then cds. Dad gave me my first cd. Stryper.... Got my first home cd player for christmas when i was 10yo in 93. He let me borrow an amp and speakers.
  3. 92058 Camp Pendleton. DD-1 and lots of other tools. AOS from UTI in automotive, diesel and industrial technology 2003.
  4. Benchmade. Carried an AFCK for 10 years before I retired it.....for another AFCK!
  5. Couldnt tell you where they're made but I know db is in Texas.
  6. Thinking something like this with 2 tweeters in each pillar. Definitely gonna have try my hand at fiber-glassing.
  7. Was gonna use these: But instead got these for my girls car. Either way, cant wait to put them in.
  8. Well, in staying with Bostin Acoustics, they do offer an 8" woofer. Part number G108-4 8. I have an extra Sony 760 watt 2 channel laying around I can put to them but wish they were 2 ohm as to get more power out of it. Should be fine though. What do yall think? I really dont see many people running Boston on here but I have been using their home audio speakers for a long time and really like them. So I guess im a little partial. Well see how it goes. Well, seems they do have a dual 4 ohm version so can be wired to 2 ohm.
  9. The smaller ones look like some stout SOBs. Very interested. Just started looking for options to cover the midbass frequency range myself. Oh and nice apt view!
  10. I will be running a pair of Boston Acoustics Pro60 SE and another pair of their Neo typeM tweeters (same ones that come with the Pro60) powered by a db Drive A5 125.4. Sub stage is currently a 15" MA Audio dual 4 ohm powered by a db Drive A7 1500.1. Eventually gonna get a db Drive K9 15D2. Dual 2 ohm 15". I do like lots of bass but I mainly listen to metal so all I want is to feel the double bass. I usually don't like more than around 80Hz out of the sub. Too much midrange is annoying to me. So I feel I should fill the gap from sub to midrange. I don't want to push the midrange too low and bottom out or distort. Thinking like 200-300Hz highpass. I am going to run active too. I could probably squeeze an 8" into the front doors. 95 S10 Blazer btw. With a little fiberglass. And the midbass is mainly for bass guitar and the lower toms etc. Don't want those to be too dim compared to the rest of the instruments.
  11. Ive seen Selenium thrown around on here a few times. Came across the 6W4P. Looks to be a meaty little thing. Sub will be cut off around 80Hz and will probably set high pass on the front mid about 200-300Hz cause I really dont want them to bottom out. An 8" will move more air and I could probably fiberglass them into the rear door so still looking.
  12. So im working on getting all the parts for a decent sq/l setup. Thinking I should put some midbass in the rear doors. Should I go with 6.5" or 8"? Never really messed with midbass and this is my first opportunity to do a good system having done alot of research on here and elsewhere. Definitely want to get the whole freq range covered. Maybe pro audio to get some volume? Any thoughts?
  13. What branch and what exercises do yall have to do? USMC - 20 pullups, 100 crunches in 2 min and 18 min 3 mi run for max (300) points.
  14. I got this to power a set of Boston Acoustics Pro components. I have another one of these in the girls car powering 4x 6.5 and 2x tweeters on 2 channels and a dual 2 ohm 12" on the other two. It is a beastly little thing from what Ive seen. They have one step up from this series but this should be more than enough.
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