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  1. No bolt the lug straight to the battery with the included bolts. So e people spend money on toolmaker terminals like myself but only for looks.
  2. Man that's a ass load of power to that sub. Either bring the power down or shrink the box
  3. What are these added extra things you speak of rusty? When will these be available for purchase?
  4. What's the box specs? If u got the space build a t line for that thing.
  5. I bought a 80prs from him. Communication was great, shipping was fast, and I'm fairly sure he packed it better than pioneer did lol. Would never hesitate to do another transaction with him.
  6. so somewhere between 7-10k depending on rise and voltage that what I needed to know
  7. What amp or amps is he running to those xls? I kniw that class limits you to 3 bats single alt normal deadened and one amp per sub but couldn't find a power restriction.
  8. Anybody know the specs on Nathan's build or have a link to a build log?
  9. So walk awesome rusty, makes me itch more to finish my dual xl 15 trunk build. Almost have sll the parts finally
  10. There is not any true 2000 watt amp out there that takes 4ga
  11. I would save a little more and get this amp http://www.soundqubed.com/Q1-2200D_p_31.html
  12. One set if component is more than enough for that sub stage
  13. Hell even a cheap set if components like the Rockford p1s or primes would be a better upgrade. Why two sets? What's your sub stage? One good set of amped components in stock location is probably more than enough and no glass work required.
  14. Curious why coaxials? Especially if your gonna mod the door to fit two sets.
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