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  1. Great seller I'm a repeat customer
  2. Wow man that's an awesome review. I've been debating maybe getting a zv4 or nsv3 12 for the build I'm working on now and have them build it for a 4th order.
  3. I bought a set of the p660c components on this deal and got them yesterday. Been working today on front stage install
  4. Damn you I've always wanted to try sunflash. I don't know if there is anything else on here I need to make a third box haha
  5. Ok test and tune it is then. Thank you for all the help and explanation.
  6. Ok so withour time alignment am I better off to try to keep them close to the mid in the door panel or am I not understanding rhat correctly?
  7. Care to elaborate on that please? At this point I'm leaning towards a pillars towards center of windshield since my left sail panel is blocked by odd shaped are vent
  8. No time alignment at this point in time. Trying to get my feet wet with proper placement and install before deciding if I am interested enough to get into a dsp and active front stage
  9. Does aiming towards center of windshield off axis effect left right imaging?
  10. Factory my a pillars point towards the center of the windshield would that change your opinion any?
  11. I'm hoping you can help me extract the maximum sq from my current build. And by sq i relize its not competition sq lol. I have a set of jbl p660c (very high reviews on diyma) that will be ran passive on a zapco st-2x at 2 ohms. The mid will be installed in the factory location with deadener and ccf of outwr skin and inner skin will be sealed with deadener to seal off the door. I will also be using the FAST three piece acoustic ring kit and making abs adapters like mark at caf did. The part I am needing help with us where would be the ideal location to mount the tweeters. It's a 99 grand am but I can do glass work if need be. The second question is should I high pass at 60hz or 80hz?
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