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  1. I like to have as big in the sealed section for lows, as long as power and mechanical handling of the sub can take it.
  2. CleanSierra

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Totally get you man. I am USUALLY the one that hates making generalizations haha. Game on, we're all good
  3. CleanSierra

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Alignment of front and rear waves Triticum, you know that.
  4. CleanSierra

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    By design(theory), they're supposed to have a boost in output at tuning. Not SUPPOSED to be flat, I'm not saying what they CAN or CAN'T be, just the purpose behind their design and concept.
  5. I'd do 10 sealed, 20-22 ported. Your port area looks about right though. Your lows come from that sealed section, remember that. Ported section controls roll off mostly and bandwidth. Any way to get the port to have more height and less width, I.E. getting the aspect ratio closer to a 1:1 range? I'm not saying exactly 1:1, as I know this is s blowthrough, but maybe 2:1? Something like 10X24" or 12X20"? Willing to bet it would behave better with a port like I suggested rather than the port you ran numbers on. I don't know if modeling software would tell you a gain or not, but the real world testing tells me you would likely gain with ratio closer to what I suggested.
  6. CleanSierra

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    It always amazes me, people that don't understand the true nature of a ported enclosure is to BE peaky.
  7. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    ^^^ doesn't apply to a daily vehicle. Why are we talking about 18K to a sub rated at 1500W? A burp setup, yeah I totally get it, but not for a daily. Great first post btw.
  8. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    Subs up, port back is the loudest setup in that particular SUV, yes. Since you're basically unlimited on space is easy to get the right amount of port length dinner the box just grows to compensate the port size. Your net volume and port area and tuning are easy to hit when you have as much space as you do in a Suburban/Yukon XL
  9. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    On your power, I'm not sure I'd run 4.00 cubes. Maybe 3.5. Anywhere between 50-65" of port should work. For cone control, I'd stay a little lower on enclosure net volume. You can get away with a bit less per the lower you tune, so something to consider. It sounds to me like you're gathering a pretty good plan.
  10. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    33-35 Hz is where I prefer to tune most of my enclosures for the music I listen to. It's a pretty good all around tune that is versatile to many different music types, minus the heavily modded stuff.
  11. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    And 6K, total fanboy move dude. You're WASTING every Watt past 2500W. The sub is just going to turn it into heat, therefore inefficiency and waste. I wasn't suggesting that the sub won't take over 1500W, but was trying to make sure I was on the same page with RMS ratings and understanding. I don't know why 3K is needed for a 1500W sub. Before someone mentions impedance rise, I am very familiar and likely know more about enclosure design than the average guy on this forum. Sorry you sidebar your thread. I think you should dump the idea of an aero port in lieu of a nice slot port with a good, sufficient port and and tuning and call it a day.
  12. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    Nice design ^^^ minus the dowel rods for bracing. They don't add anything typically until you're in the 3-4" diameter range. Use something else you brace and you're good to go. I'd also double baffle minimum, but would rather do the entire box at 1.5".
  13. CleanSierra

    ZV3 15 box help

    What generation Zv3 is this sub? Weren't they only rated for 1500W RMS? I know Sundown Fanboys like to run double and triple power to subs, but of the one you have is indeed a 1500W version, I'd reconsider 4K to that sub.
  14. Barber was the one who used to help organize it, is he not doing it anymore? Edit- I forgot that Mike used to take lead on it. I think Barber helped with the planning too though.