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  1. I'm currently building a box for under the seat of a 2014 Sierra 2500HD. I'm doing the LMI seat lift and going with 2 12s sealed and downfire setup. OP, I've heard those subs you're thinking about and they are the best sounding shallows I've ever heard. They don't like much over rated though, just a heads up. Keep an eye open for my build, I'll be posting it in the next couple of weeks and it should redefine how guys look at underseat enclosures in extended and crew cab trucks
  2. Those ebay alts are unreliable at best. They are also not likely to put out shit for amperage either. IF they ever put out their advertised amperage, it's right before the thing tears itself apart. An.eBay 250A alt likely wouldn't put out but maybe 100-125A at idle as well. So unless you like to sit there with the vehicle pegged at 3000 RPMs plus, pass on those turds. As far as your actual question, get a Group31 battery from ANY company and you'll be set.
  3. You won't find it Kenn, that will be a one off fabrication you're going to need someone to build for you. No companies like DC or Mechman are going to make a bracket. You'd also have to remove some engine accessory to run a triple.
  4. Awesome grave dig on a 5+ year old thread. Resurrection at its finest!
  5. CleanSierra

    New Sub Suggestions

    Here's a suggestion, use punctuation. That one sentence was hard to read. Side note: send the sub back to get it fixed and set it up properly this time so it doesn't blow again.
  6. CleanSierra

    2014 silverado alternator

    Singer and DC both make them as well
  7. I was on Team Crossfire so that's how I know a bit about their structure. I guess I still am, even though technically not competing. DD can be found in B&M stores only to my knowledge. Soundqubed sells online if you need something. Obviously the high end up stuff like the 9500 and DDZ products aren't available through Soundqubed
  8. DD is brick and mortar only, you won't find them online. They aren't the only audio company that does this. You won't find Crossfire for sale online, at least from a legit retailer, as they are brick and mortar only. With Crossfire at least, if you don't have a dealer in your state, he'll sell to you directly. I'm not sure if DD does this or not.
  9. Those are the only ways to do it. If you tried what you were thinking, you'd end up with unequal distribution of power.
  10. And to your point Hispls, the equipment I'm referring to is the use of Neo in motors more readily, for superior cone control/motor force and cooling, plus the efficiency of lithium in batteries. Sundown and Fi are making some big advances in subs and they're able to take a lot of ground pounding and extreme abuse compared to their big ferrite ancestors. I gives I'm lucky enough to know a few builders that get stupid loud with minimal cone area.
  11. The reason I brought up wood on the roof was for the same reason already answered, that places him automatically in an Extreme or Radical class in any of the orgs he'd plan to compete with. That's all fine and dandy if he likes taking home a last place trophy at every show he goes to. Around here it will take a 158+ to even be considered competitive in those classes.
  12. Also, you're not planning on doing ANY wood on the roof, right?
  13. The sealing of the trunk is a vital step in getting all of the energy forward. The process involves essentially making the entire trunk an enclosure where no sound can escape anywhere but into the cabin and forward. Direct the sound waves into the cabin and you're in good shape. You're right about Brocks hispls, he shouldn't even be mentioned since it's freak of nature kind of results. Equipment available today, even compared to 5 years ago, has progressed and made this quest easier. The meter hasn't gotten any friendlier though, she's still stone-cold bitch.
  14. Good stuff. I'm about to start an under seat enclosure that's pretty custom for my 2014 2500HD crew cab. Will be ordering the same lift(basically) from LMI. Good to see the attempt at an underseat build that's actually in use and working properly.
  15. CleanSierra

    Volume of a 2' octogon box

    Are you on the Vegas Style SPL page on FB? Have you been to SOC yet? Killer crowd up the in Vegas, more like a family. Wish we had more of that down here haha