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  1. You won't find it Kenn, that will be a one off fabrication you're going to need someone to build for you. No companies like DC or Mechman are going to make a bracket. You'd also have to remove some engine accessory to run a triple.
  2. Awesome grave dig on a 5+ year old thread. Resurrection at its finest!
  3. How are you doing your flush trim inner ring? I'm referring to the circle that the speaker sits flush in, not the actual cutout for the speaker. The outer diameter of the mid, that's the ring.
  4. I'll tell you this, the larger of the safe side you can go, the easier it will be to design an enclosure with proper port area. The smaller the enclosure, the longer the port must be to get the desired tune and proper port area typically. Don't get up to 1 cube though, they don't like THAT much from what I've personally heard. .6-.75 per sub is plenty.
  5. I'm curious why there was suspicion in the first place to go through all this work. Most of us would have installed it, and THEN if it exhibited problems, uninstalled to investigate.
  6. You can try Rage Gold or Rage Xtreme, both are made by Evercoat. They are usually $60+ per gallon. It's not even a gallon either, it's like .88 gallons. There are other companies that sell gold fillers, they just sand much easier. U-Pol Gold is Luke $22 per gallon here(again it's actually like .88 gallons), and it's a beautiful filler. It won't build up into big shapes because it's thin and runny and self-levels. The Z grip and normal Evercoat Lite is a great everyday filler. I'd consider a mixing board that isn't cardboard as well. I use a solid flat piece of square aluminum and clean it right as the filler sets up. I've had that same mixing board for 20 years.
  7. Part of the problem is the crappy 3M Bondo. You'd spend less going to an auto body supply shop and buying an Evercoat Z grip filler or U-Pol Gold or something similar. If you could find someone to show you how they mix filler and apply it, I think it would help your future projects greatly.
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