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  1. No OC A nice simple coolant loop with white piping would look sick. Overall it is a nice build to have fun with.
  2. Car make and model? What size alt? What is your current electrical setup? And as HHR said, what amps?
  3. It's also in one of decaf's zips if you have them all.
  4. Thanks dude. I plan in doing what you're doing with the stang, I'm gunna make that 6.2L fast and have a small system I saw a Hennessey 6.2L Esky pull on a 370z from a 50mph roll on 288. I dont know how much money was in it though.
  5. The newer ones can go up to 16v right? I had to get mine modded that's why I'm asking.
  6. 10 zv3. Sealed .5 ft^3 Ported 1 ft^3 Displace. 10 ft^3 Depth 8.25' Outside Diameter. 10.75". Cut-Out 9.25"
  7. You can do a lot of things. I would think no matter what you do inside the car Atleast your power train warranty will be intact because to deny service they would have to prove the engine broke because of bass (unlikely). Now depending on what Brand car you get you will have to read up on the Bumper to Bumper warranty to see what you can do as far as interior mods. I was late
  8. Blackbeard is where it's at. They can give you a MPG tune and then when you hit the haul button you go into sport mode and get different shift points, firmer shifts, and also higher rev limit. They do In person tunes, but you have to find out when they are near you for that. The tune I like is they one where they send you a tool you plug into your com port and you drive around like normal for awhile and then send them the data and then they make you a custom tune.
  9. WTF is that ^ Wow even from the thumbnail of that vid you already Know you shouldn't watch it.
  10. It's the guy with the Tahoe. Zach. I saw that box at in the corner of the shop today and thought it was someone who was just playing around. That's F'ed that he actually installed it like that. The staples and stuff were messed up. It was loosely wrapped also.
  11. Everyone in this thread is talking sense. It's always good to go big the first time so hopefully you don't have to worry about that part for a long time to come. So now just run a 65a then get a 200a and be done with it. On another note excessive is crazy for charging that much for a AD244 case alt as it works on so many vehicles and you can get a lot more amps out of it.
  12. The only bad thing I hear about the pioneers is that they have a slight hiss when you hit the pause button, but I think that's from not grounding the RCA's.
  13. I don't think sound will change that depends more on the install than anything.
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