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  1. Love this whole album. Nice to see somebody going in a different direction.
  2. First time being metered ever. Hit the goal. This is from the trunk, sealed on the dash. Gets much more violent with the windows down but didn't have time to meter outlaw.
  3. The overly big one looks kinda joke-ish. This one looks serious, but as if they took some ideas from DD. Either way, THIS one looks mean.
  4. Late to the party, but got Walter White, Bruce Willis and Batman. I think I'm gonna take a nap while my SUPER TEAM KILLS EVERY-FUCKING-THING.
  5. This was fucking hilarious. I literally almost got caught at work surfing the net because it made me lol.
  6. Will be doing a build log soon, collecting pics right now so I can post them all at once. Sneak peak at how I crammed 2 9515s into my Camry's trunk - shell: Baffles mounted: Trim pieces in and ready for paint:
  7. I must be old school. I just can't get down with the hella flush movement. The 5.0 further up the page looks soooo much better to me than the imports whose wheels look like they are gonna fall off at any given moment.
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