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  1. Love this whole album. Nice to see somebody going in a different direction.
  2. Tuned. Better late than never, but I think I got here at just the right time. Very interested in the new battery technology. Thanks for letting us in on this. I have been playing with alternatives to lead acid for a bit now, but the Lithium Iron Phosphate is what I have been looking for I think. Any word on whether or not they play well with supercaps? I have 4 banks now trying to use them together with lead acid AGMs and am not convinced that they like each other.
  3. I understand most of this.... Can we get some pics of the port and it's transition into the cabin?
  4. Yeah, bought my first 2 banks for $220 shipped, and then another 2 banks just the other day from a teammate for $300 for the 2. So 4 banks, 1733 farads total now. Still need to hook the last bank up.
  5. I can make my own hardware. Not quite as pretty as Toolmaker's, but probably 1/10th the price. And wow. The prices have jumped about 400% since I bought mine....
  6. So the caps seem to be rather elusive these days. I have been running 2 banks alongside a batt bank for a while now. I am interested in ditching the batts in favor of a few more cap banks. Would you mind sending me a PM regarding where to find and how much the caps are running these days? I lucked out and got a couple of used banks shipped for a pretty good price. I would love to find more of the same ones so I could just add on instead of starting new. Also - did you do away with the balancing circuits on the big bank?
  7. Was this at the show? I missed it if it was.... Also - is baseballz and Berger the same person?
  8. First time being metered ever. Hit the goal. This is from the trunk, sealed on the dash. Gets much more violent with the windows down but didn't have time to meter outlaw.
  9. Dammit. 37 more pages of awesome pics to browse at work. Poor me.
  10. Just got mine a couple days ago. Hope my 2 9515s @ .35 can take this monster haha.
  11. Tried and true - Stinger off Ebay. ~$20 shipped. Power, ground, remote on, calibration screw. Easy quick and reliable enough for your described needs.
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