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  1. Certified is more towards people wanting to run a SQ system Uncertified is more for your SPL systems where you have long drawn out notes like test tones Dynamic is more for your quick changing bass songs. to me Dynamic is what you would want if you listen to music other than Rap/HipHop/R&B
  2. 20 sq feet of MurderMat...hopefully it will help keep my hatch from rattling
  3. idk if you found an alt or not but here is a place im looking at for my KIA http://www.qualitypowerauto.com/catalog.php?item=341
  4. i have a air cat its an okay impact but i also own a IR which always shows it up...but my fave is my snap on electric 1/2" drive impact that thing is beast but i would go with an IR product is always amazing last a long time and if there is any problems CS has always been great to deal with
  5. new inputs for my temporary amp until i can afford my new amp this pos will have to do but the inputs are amazing big thanks to toolmaker
  6. my New SP4 15 didnt even know it was supposed to be here...go to get the mail and see a box and was like wtf is this opened it up and man was i surprised
  7. looking good carbon keep up the good work...oh i almost forgot more pics
  8. its 32% the legal limit for GA for cars it sucks that i cant go darker and still be legal... and the type of tint is carbon tint guy did great work...im thinking about getting the front windshield done as well not sure tho just cuz its not legal in GA and i have had my fair run ins with the cops
  9. windows tint on my car new 1/2 inch 18v lithium ion electric impact for work
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