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  1. If a statement about someone i don't know is OFFENSIVE to people i don't know, then I find the one about my kids just as bad. Based off your response I feel that the one about my family be removed as i find it offensive. So guess I am about to get banned that fine. but unless you can justify what i did as wrong but broke is ok then we really know the truth as to who my statement offended.
  2. its the way he is dressed, he looks like one. but i guess i need to watch what I say or brokeass will say something. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wigger
  3. I did have a pic to make the judgement, you were just making a statement from what i said. not really the same. but its your story troll. ps tell camshairticks to teach you better next time.
  4. No i have raised my kids as a single parent for almost 10 years got custody 3 weeks into the divorce. I am just making a judgment from the pic. If i were to post pics of my family you could make that judgment about them. but till them go troll someone else. and its not hate its just an observation.
  5. I didn't do the fast food thing not because I didn't want to, I couldn't get hired. trust me i tried at several places. so I ended up in grocery, made more money (was a sacker/bagger) for about 8 months. Then a stocker position opened up. I did a week long trial. went to check the schedule and my name was no longer in the sacker section but was now in the stocker section of the schedule. did that while in high school, then went to another grocery store till i met the NABISCO rep. Ended up doing that for about a year. then went to build decks. while doing decks I took an AutoCAD class, and then by the time I was 20 I was working in the engineering field. Within 4 years I went from grocery (1994) to AutoCAD (1998), and a major pay increase from 5 bucks to 10 bucks an hour. I love the AutoCAD field, as I design out the boxes I build in it and also in solidworks. Now I sit in an office with a nice tv on the wall. yeah I made more doing EHT out of a 6x6 cubicle, and I had to drive 50 miles each way and it took 1.5 to 2.5 hours to get home Houston traffic sucks. Now I make less but only drive 13 miles each way and i work private company, they pay my insurance. So with all that I actually bring home more money per check. But the one thing I like about my current job is I actually want to go to work.
  6. Well i did have tons of work, but the company was bought out and then many of us were lied to our face. but also the fact that I made more money (was there 13 years) than engineers right out of college i got let go. along with about 6 people in the first round. Place now is micro managed and not a good place to work for. When I started it was a private company. I want to say that there is an office up there by you that does EHT Mi and Steam.
  7. I work in the electrical field (mcc buildings for chemical plants) and used to make a lot more than i do now doing electrical heat tracing. but was laid off. Sucks going from 75k a year to 52k. And if they where to make 15 an hr. i think id quit here and bust my ass and be the fucking employee of the damn year. lol.
  8. Love the dyno vids. you might know where I could find a clarion eq model 734-eqa it was the eq that had a 100 watt built in amp also. built in late 1993 to late 1995. I have the older big brother of this the BTS7300 sitting in my garage. still powers up. but havent actually connected it to some subs. thought about hooking it up in my gfs truck just to see if it actually plays. would try it in mine but I have 0 qwg wire and the has 4 awg. and more room to work with.
  9. I want to know what the windshield is made out of. cause i have never seen a side window bust like that.
  10. I updated my member build and linked it to the sotm

    1. audiofanaticz


      Id like to enter you, but you only have 5 photos in your build log, rules say 10.
      Update the log figure out something to take pics of, wiring under the hood, maybe a couple small video clips or something and let me know when so I can add ya!
      Rules are rules man.


    2. 77-AUDIO


      ok I will upload some today at lunch or when I get home today, have to leave the office for a bit.  

  11. whats going on.

    1. WalledSonic


      Sup dude? Hows Japan? 

    2. 77-AUDIO


      Japan, well apparently it was a Pokemon go World event.  everyone was playing that shit.  even had a convention there.  had to walk everywhere didnt have a car.  but it wasnt that bad.  shops opened at 10:30 am.  and damn sun came up at 4:45am.  


    3. WalledSonic


      The entire country of Japan is a continuous Pokemon Go event.

  12. yes same thing. didnt care if nsfw. figured it would stop before hand since its not in the 18+ section.
  13. plus OJ wouldn't have off-road tires. he would have those nasty ass spoke wheels that stick out 18"
  14. Hammer an impact socket on that bitch that's smaller than the lock. Items needed 4 deep well impact sockets 3/4" drive, small sledge hammer, nice break over bar, and for starters some fucking brains.
  15. Swerving at the bike with a car is considered attempted vehicular man slaughter regardless of who started it. and it looks like that was only 1 lane wide. so why was the car beside the bike and or vise versa.
  16. There is a yellow 2014 cobra and a maroon platinum f250 in the Humble area that are operated by the DPS. Cant see shit for lights on them eiter
  17. Actually I am one of many. you would be amazed. the ones that trash and destroy are in my opinion are not real juggalos. Those are emo idiots that make a bad name for the rest of us. Kinda like Michael brown is a bad example of blacks, hitler a bad example of whites, etc.
  18. This shit is hypnotizing me into committing a crime ICP 4 lyfe juggalo bitchhhhhh. Jk I hate icp and everything related to them. All the emo/goth kids here were all about them and it just bothered me since middle school I guess I can understand the emo/goth bothering you i dont like them either. But as for me I like icp, i am a single father that has custody of my 3 kids yes THREE kids same mother. I have a steady damn good paying job, a nice 4 bed room house, 2013 kia soul. Thats fine hate on them if you must or want to to hate everything related to them I guess you need to hate this place cause Im on here Im a JUGGALO, and proud of it. they are a family and not a gang. People on the outside have no idea what its like to be one but dont worry if you want to come and visit you are more then welcome in my house.
  19. well you dont take a pic of it and make it a meme. you run, run like the wind and Forrest combined.
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