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  1. Just wondering if dc can remake the level 5 10" again. Or do I need to just buy all the part individually and make it myself.
  2. sick bikes. need to get my cr24 KASTAN finished. needs new tires, tubes and I want a true center pull rear brake. like the bulldog from the 1990s used to be.
  3. i got me a kastan cr 24. https://goo.gl/images/NSaK6M not mine but same thing. cant seem to post pics anymore.
  4. Some of these people have got skills, but yet they drive some meth up rides and live in the hood.
  5. yeah but if you value shop based off price per unit. 3 pack condoms $1.08 each 92 pack diapers $0.24 each LOL.
  6. totaled. but buy it back and fix it up. as long as the frame is not bent.
  7. well samsung makes a big phone even the smallest is decent in size. just putting that out there.
  8. well if photobucket didnt take a shit, and for me none of the the other pic hosting sites work. i would screen shot my phone and show you. I cant see shit for post because all the damn ads. its bad . like I say f it no more mobile smd for me. funny when on wifi no problem. when on cellular it sucks ass.
  9. I always wanted to try out SMD on my phone but to many FREAKING ads I know this has been addressed before but really WTF man. not like i can my laptop around and be like hey check this out.
  10. You have to give it to them for the fabrication and body work. but I didn't notice the rear vents on the bed till today. now if it has the 5.0ho and the dash then really not that bad. over all i give it a 6 out of 10 for creativity and because it needs better wheels and to be lowered.
  11. see I said that when it was first posted. that the rear looked funny.
  12. As long as she's freshly showered its all good to eat that ass. Every girl i have been with said oh nasty, but as soon as I started to the were moaning like crazy and begging for more. just saying....
  13. Looks like it needs more space between the door and the rear wheel. Because the section from the back of the wheel to the rear looks a little off. just my $0.02
  14. damn I should have gotten some of them when I went to japan last year.
  15. Mustang at the graphic shop I use has CROWD HUNTER on the front window.
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