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  1. Just wondering if dc can remake the level 5 10" again. Or do I need to just buy all the part individually and make it myself.
  2. sick bikes. need to get my cr24 KASTAN finished. needs new tires, tubes and I want a true center pull rear brake. like the bulldog from the 1990s used to be.
  3. i got me a kastan cr 24. https://goo.gl/images/NSaK6M not mine but same thing. cant seem to post pics anymore.
  4. Some of these people have got skills, but yet they drive some meth up rides and live in the hood.
  5. Im broke can cant afford a camera. but you are more than welcome to come and pick her up.
  6. Finding out my cars extended warranty has expired but having to tell idiots year make and model. Love leading them on making them make that sales pitch and feeding them a bunch of crap. wasting their time
  7. Yeah not happening. but if i get that divorce once its done you can have her address.
  8. people that set you up for a political battle and then get all pissy when you start using facts and calling them names like f tards and f in idiots and then they block you cause what you said got their panties in a wad. the nerve of some people, lol.. just kidding its really my wife that pisses me off
  9. yeah but if you value shop based off price per unit. 3 pack condoms $1.08 each 92 pack diapers $0.24 each LOL.
  10. the cops that will not do a damn thing and think that my son is lying about getting shot at while driving down the street. then cop says why didnt you pull over, my son replied maybe i didnt want to get shot at again. calling the news today at lunch was several days after if happened that the police ran the plates. but instead of doing their job the farted around and may have lost any chance of catching the guy.
  11. well yeah, that's why they also put shit in a motor that (under intake manifold) called a knock sensor. so you have to pull the top of the motor just to replace a part that fails way before the part that the sensor is to detect. and they also like to make on the caliber i know had one. In order to replace the condenser, you have to pull the front bumper off. as for the starter mine went out while driving down the road. and it caused the car to die. had to have it towed to a dealer (Woodville, TX.) and they wanted 300 for the new starter and 300 to install it. I went to autozone bought one for under 150 and took it to the dealership and told them to install this one. they told me that all that they would warranty was the labor for 3 months. newer dodge cars suck ass. love my kia soul. first one saved my life, 2nd one is nicer. but I do miss that 6 speed manual from my 1st kia soul.
  12. totaled. but buy it back and fix it up. as long as the frame is not bent.
  13. well the wife, she pisses me off. so I am about to not be pissed and file for divorce. told her this morning i am tired of all her shit, lazy ass, and tired of being broke. we have no kids together so no child support I have my kids and she has her kid. tired of being accused of cheating and seeing someone else. told her i cant afford to have a gf nor do i have the time to see one because she is so far up my ass i cant go to the corner store without her thinking im talking to someone else. have the truecaller app on my phone which i like because it allows me to block numbers. but she uses it to see if i am on the phone talking to some one. it shows if i am on a call to other users that are in your contacts that have the app also. all she does is smoke cigs and sleeps all the time. cant go do shit i want to because she is always sick, tired or something. but when its for her shes fucking great. dinner whats that she gets home from work at 2 or 3 latest and when i get home at 6 shes sleeping and house is a mess dishes are not done and dinner is nowhere to be found. i do the work outside and she does the inside work. but she just tells the kids to do it. Shes half Indian and half pit-bull. If shes not on the war path, she sitting on her ass growling.
  14. i actually like the guy for the most part. and I would be walking free if I could afford to pay the legal team he has and willing to wait several years for it to go to court. but till then I would be considered a rapist. the only way that the statute of limitations would have held up is if she was a minor when it had happened. when under the age of consent there are no statute of limitations.
  15. So if I or any normal non political figure was accused of what Kavanaugh was accused of My ass would be in jail and charged with rape. I wouldn't be given a special hearing and freedoms that they all get. they want us to abide by the rules they set but guess they get to live by this motto "Do as I say, not as I do" honestly Phuck the governments way of doing things, and letting all these people slide and skirt around the rules they set and demand we follow. and if the world is flat why are all the other planets sphere. And the pentagon was not hit by a plane on 9/11. change my mind........ rants over
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