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  1. The bolts that are 98.8% copper "Silicon Bronze" ones seem good for bolting to copper, and the much more expensive ones 99.3% Copper Beryllium are great too. -Jamie M.
  2. Along this idea... what if I use one amp for my left speakers and one amp for my right speakers, same idea as his dual amp, no? -Jamie M.
  3. PAX65 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm = $60 || $74.99 VXI65 = $79.95 || $94.99 SPX-65C = $200 || $239.99 ?? -Jamie M.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Very well laid out results! Love it!+1 from me too! Love the template with the "live" readouts, then the table at the end with claimed and actual all in one table! Super clean -Jamie M.
  5. Link says SK-125.4AB but links to SK-125.4D instead. Gonna pick up a pair of SKAR AUDIO PAX-6.5" 260 WATT RMS PRO AUDIO SPEAKER, just need to find some tweets to go with em. -Jamie M.
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