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  1. check out 502streetscene...in the audio section...they are always meeting up...
  2. This sunday in frankfort, ky....i might come to hang out....3 point event so it could be a good turnout
  3. be there at noon...not competing..no system..just spectating...
  4. a burp is just playing a test tone for a few seconds... i usually turn off all my highs open up all the filters on the amp (not the gain) do a sweep at moderate volume to find ur peak note then roll into a burp at that note...
  5. well...i think he is planning a couple of more.. like another at the same location and possible another in louisville...and i think they are all 2x events..not positive though.. if not this year...come on out next year and get ya some points!
  6. taken from another post {(Total Amperage of In-line Fusing X 10) + Woofer Cone Surface Area} = Pressure Class # Please consult Division Rules for complete definitions. Examples: 30 amps + 2-12 = 526 40 amps + 1-12 = 513 30 amps + 1-15 = 477 50 amps + 1-18 = 754 50 amps + 1-12^2 = 644 50 amps + 2-12 = 726 100 amps + 1-15 = 1177 100 amps + 2-18 = 1509 50 amps + 2-10^2 = 700 100 amps + 2-12 = 1226 200 amps + 2-15 = 2353 200 amps + 2-18 = 2509 50 amps + 3-10 = 736 200 amps + 2-12 = 2226 400 amps + 4-15 = 4707 400 amps + 4-18 = 5018 Fuse Requirements for Qualified Score: Fuses must have value stamped in the metal, except ATC Permitted: AGU, AUE, ANE, ATC, ANL, or Mini-ANL (also known as MIDI); 32 volts maximum SP - Sound Pressure Format Measures dB inside the vehicle. 15 “Pressure Classes” in 4 Divisions AS - Amateur Street - Basic, daily use systems. Beginners & those who have not been champions. Owns equipment. No Pro’s. AS1 0 - 550 -- 1 Fuse Maximum AS2 551 - 1000 -- 2 Fuses Maximum AS3 1001 - 2000 -- 3 Fuses Maximum S - Street - Intended for daily driven vehicles. Competitors show who can do the most with the least. S1 0 - 550 -- 1 Fuse Maximum S2 551 - 1000 -- 2 Fuses Maximum S3 1001 - 2000 -- 3 Fuses Maximum S4 2001 - 4000 -- 4 Fuses Maximum S5 4001+ -- Fuses Not Required M - Modified - Intended for vehicles and systems that are designed to maximize Sound Pressure level, including woofer walls and pick-up truck cut-throughs, but are still capable of being daily drivers. M1 0 -550 -- 1 Fuse Maximum M2 551 - 1000 -- 2 Fuses Maximum M3 1001 - 2000 -- 3 Fuses Maximum M4 2001 - 4000 -- 4 Fuses Maximum M5 4001+ -- Fuses Not Required X - Radical X - Vehicles with major modifications; for the hard-core Sound Presssure League Competitor. X1 0 - 4000 -- Fuses Required X2 4001+ -- Fuses Not Required DB - Drive-by SPL Parade Format Measures dB outside the vehicle, in 5 “Pressure Classes”, while playing full-range music. DB1 0 - 550 -- 1 Fuse Maximum DB2 551 - 1000 -- 2 Fuses Maximum DB3 1001 - 2000 -- 3 Fuses Maximum DB4 2001 - 4000 -- 4 Fuses Maximum DB5 4001+ -- Fuses Not Required
  7. for real...that was funny as hell, had me super worried in the beginning though
  8. probably in like s3 in which they would get dominated if there are any true s3 cars there, cause an s3 car should be in the 150s+ or if they havent ever competed they could run amature class...and probably be in as3 (car off, on music, suppose to be no cussing in music)
  9. depends on cone area and amount of fusing...i would recommend reading up on the rules over at mecacaraudio.com
  10. i feel dumb for not knowing for sure as i was a member for 3 years, but i wanna say yes i cant remember the exact amount it cost to get a meca membership...but if only plan on doing a couple of shows this year then i wouldnt bother as finals are in october..i would just wait til next year to get the membership..
  11. c'mon down bro...like i said, im not sure what kind of turn out its gonna be how or how organized its gonna be as its his first show as host oh yea..$25 entry fee..and i will update the first post with the actual flyer...thanks!
  12. An old friend of mine (Bud Ballinger) is hosting his first show...and we are trying to get as many people to come out and try and bring the audio scene back to Louisville!! So please come if you can. I heard the parking lot is kind of small, so i am not sure how it will go down. He said if the turnout is big enough he might have people pull into the shop to do their run then park back outside. Not sure on what kinda awards/trophies they are gonna be giving out, but would assume it will be like any other MECA event. Aug. 7 10am-5pm Mountain City Audio 104 N Bardstown Rd Mt Washington, KY 40047 $25 entry fee for spl...think its another $25 for drive-by spl (might be off on that one though) flyer: http://www.mecacaraudio.com/flyers/8-07-10KY.pdf Mount Washington is actually just bit south of Louisville actually (about 20-30minutes south) Come on out fellas! also another show there on aug. 28th!
  13. every kid out there (myself included) wants "to do it big"...i mean who doesnt you need to compete and do decent you need to know what u are doing so u dont ruin equipment left and right and like hank said....a full sponsorship doesnt really exist anymore (extremely rare)...basically its just discounted prices on things..but u still gotta pay to play
  14. sub2weeker...please go this is not a burp machine...had he built it to do number then i have no doubt it would be well into the 60's however...hank builds systems to play music loud for extended periods of time...not a 4 second burp so again...with all do respect..and i do mean with all do respect...STFU!!
  15. thats what i wanted to hear....hope to hear this beast then! sick work man!
  16. you aware brah? bertstare.jpg anyways...interesting specs to say the least...
  17. saw u on broadway today in lexington, ky...bumping pretty nice.. so if u post here...reveal yourself!
  18. i try and keep under a 9:1 ratio....so scrap the 30"x1" port something bigger than a 9:1 ratio may have port noise...
  19. im the same...i would prefer 34hz...so cut a couple of inches off the port...and loose the brace...
  20. im afraid thats the name of the game...china imports and exports were the biggest pain in the ass to work on!!! i have a feeling they are going to want to start charging you like warehouse fees or something similar for them sitting in customs so long. if you go thru ups send me the shipment number and i will email it to the girl i know in the international department and see if she can do anything more....not sure since you already have a contact taking care of it...but ya never know..
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