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  1. LOL from one earlier ^^^^^^^... But really ... When you order something on eBay, & a couple hours later the Seller informs, "oh sorry. actually sold that last night off ebay. I guess I shouldv taken it dwn. Il refund ur $$" Yup, you will, ... & he did, ... ... but when I sell/auction there, & I have the possibility that I could sell OFF site, I put it in the description! This person had a Buy It Now with 6 of the same available, & let his Sale continue into the next day after selling off the night before. Learn some eBay etiquette.
  2. Welcome to the SMD Forums, Sir. Like Noelito, ... I will sit back, & take this all in. ... & I have to comment on the Monster HDMI: Regardless of price, hype, etc., they work. Very well I might add. Very well indeed, ... Especially when you did not buy any of them.
  3. I will get my mitts on it for a couple to a few days from someone I know who can take it home overnight & weekends, & play the Campaign, ... otherwise, I do not care for anything else that is coming out until whenever GT7 drops. Until "then", when I have gaming time, I have plenty to go back to & play on from N64 to P3. Nothing Microsoft. Ever. I'd rather play Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal than a XB, ... & I actually have.
  4. !00% Honesty? Had to buy a replacement P3 last week, ... bought the 500GB "Last Of Us" Edition. Had zero interest in the game, ... really did not/do not know much about it to be honest, ... Took game out, sold it for $30.
  5. Bye And I already found you Jason, if I need a pair of oakleys or am in NY I'll hit you up. Yup, I'm a pussy and a bitch, you got me pegged every which way don't ya. Good night, sleep tight and don't let the cheeseburgers bite Wow, ... big investigations. You see, I do not hide behind a screen name. Everything is right there, now someone just needs to show up, etc., because everything is worth some 'fist-a-cuffs'. Ready to rumble!?!? Just make sure to have some ID that says: "ROLEXrifleman", I would not know you any other way. I also like how you do not show yourself. Let us see what the collective can glean from a photograph of you. Please?
  6. Nah, after #65 Posts, I hoped maybe you would give up, ... maybe talk like CableGuy said you could - INTELLIGENTLY about running Active -, talk about something different. You are not funny, you are an embarrassment to yourself. The funny thing is, no one else can see. You are not ever going to see me. If you actually could walk for all the talk you got, come find me. Pussy. I am calling you out, boy. There is nothing you are going to do about it because you are a bitch. All you have done is rip on the OP, & him NOT apologizing to you appropriately. I am done. I do not hide behind a keyboard. This is my last reply. You want something, come get it.
  7. I have read & comprehended everything, especially the asshole remark you made in Post #4. You intended it that way, & that is how it sits. If there is one thing I have learned here on SMD is this: You can ask pretty much anything you want, but you better "word" it the right way, or it becomes "Open Season" om the OP. I could so easily resubmit the OP, & you never would have made your comment, ... but you saw an "in", & you were off on your night of being a cunt. You plainly called him a retard for not having enough knowledge & really not having the right to dare post such nonsense, then he dared tell you to go shit in your hat, & you got all hot under the collar, & turned on asshole mode because you decided you were going to "show him". Well, ... I guess you did. I see so much has been accomplished here. ... & you cannot explain it a n y o t h e r w a y.
  8. ... & I waited until Post #66 until I could not take it anymore & it was clear that your incessant bullshit was not going to stop. Do you claim to be an adult? Because you certainly have not been one at any point here. You have just ran your mouth, & ran your mouth, & ran ... & have gotten nothing for it, ... or have you? You big bully because you think/feel someone backed down to you over a computer screen? Does that make you feel like a bigger person? THE bigger person?
  9. Please get a different life & change how you are as a person. You are not happy with the girl in the mirror, are you? And I am really talking about your life as a whole. I don't have to know you on a personal level to know that you have failed at most things in your life. You do not have a family, if you did, I am sure they left you by now or they are easily as incompetent as yourself. Think I am scared of you? You are the loser that got made fun of all his life, & now feels the need to give it back to strangers over a screen & keyboard as a "brown-up". All that happened was a rather innocent question was asked, & because it was not worded in the proper way, you find that it is your job to set the OP straight, then make it your mission to completely hijack the thread with your admittedly negative attitude. I made it this far because I thought you would disappear, & there were glimpses that some actual real, worthwhile information would come of this Topic, but nope, you did your level best to derail it at every turn. For what? Boredom. ... & you cannot prove otherwise. Now just do not go on a shooting spree because you just realized your life has been pointless, ... just like your reasons for being an admitted asshole.
  10. ... & you cannot spell or utilize grammar to save your life. Holy shit has this been a lesson in patience just getting to this point. I figured at some point you would simply disappear, but clearly you are bored out of your unforgiving mind. Shitty job got you down? Sick of the cold, damp basement you call a "Man Cave", but is really Mom & Pop's cellar with 6-foot ceilings & a rotten sump that hardly shuts off?
  11. That testing was done with nothing on, ... no system on, or major current draw ... Next time, with the 240A, I will use the system a bit & put some stress on it ...
  12. Yes, ... find a place, like an starter & alternator shop in your area that has a Sun VAT45 machine, or the like, & they can test it ... usually while it is right on your car. Will give amp output & volts, etc. You should get a printout like I did here back last year when I had a 170A MechMan in, now the 240A in, ... gotta take it back & see what it actually does with the MUCH better "Big 3" ...
  13. I am going to be the usual buzzkill, ... but why? I will ask this, does the 900cc's not give you enough? I mean, I know there are upgrade paths you can do on just it as a N/A engine that will give an impressive performance boost from exhaust to - I do believe - actually giving it a tune. I have not followed the whole deal, except the audio deal in it, but putting a sick suspension & tires, etc., on it to make it handle & carve up the corners will alone make it feel like it is on rails & just that much faster out of the turns when you can carry that much more speed in, then out of them. I dunno, ... just the normal Forum buzzkill guy. Thanks for the input, Buzz Killington. LMAO My pleasure, Sir.
  14. I NEVER expected the auxiliary BATT deal either, ... especially when the system is only 900w RMS ... but I am told these power-hungry RF amp want good electrical, & one is wired to 1-Ohm, & a very higher-up from a very respected (Paid Advertiser) company here on SMD, & I have their product on my car, "stated" that RF underrates so much, that what I have is more like 1,400-1,600w, ... this was after I told him the RF Birth Sheets say that my system effectively is 1,115w, as I have it wired. Now that blew my mind, & I began to understand why the 2awg just was not enough to feed them from the D3400, & the 240A ALT behind it.
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