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  1. so this is not a question of the location and facing of the sub box, but the sub mount into the box. so im building a new box for my x-12. but it came to me. is the position of the sub a factor and if it is how much of one. so is there a difference whether the sub is centered in the face of the box vs offset or does the relation to the port matter (port facing a different direction form sub face?) and so on so forth and how much do these factors change. any info or insight would be awesome.
  2. all I got to say is WOW......... clean hatch, with a clean.... NO with a beautiful system. this build is intense im tuned in
  3. I heard some spiders are extremely brittle in winter. but I never looked in to what manufacturers they were talking about...... but on a side note electronics perform a small percentage better in low temps.... so ur amp is good
  4. this was an interesting thread for shure, my .02 is that my home town has 3 prick cops who just single out kids..no joke I got a ticket for walking down the side walk, because I crossed the street while it was a no cross sign even though there were no cars... the cop was at the gas station and witnessed it but their are 2 cops who have systems in their personal vehicles.... they had a city ordinance put into effectiveness a few years ago that basicly says between the hours of 10am and 8pm a stereo system can be played to a volume that cannot exceed excessive levels a fellow audiophile has 2 aq hdc3s on 3k in a golf.. he hit a 153.? last fall he has been pulled over to to be ticketed but the cop wanted a demo my town is cool and can be a load of BS, just depends on the witch cop is flashing their lights
  5. jl is sometimes weird, make absolute Shure the coil are not connected in anyway and then take a 9v battery (like the kind in remotes for rc cars) and see if the sub reacts, should go in and out as you reverse the polarity and if its reading that and the coils are so post to be 1.5 the coils have shorted on you and their is no fixing it easly
  6. I bought the stuff there 50 mil.. I got 12 sq ft to use and I got my trunk lid rear deck and some of my rear quarters I went from enough rattle to make you want to cry to almost no rattle the only rattles I have are from my doors (coupe so only 2) and my trunks support brace things I had no smell and I did it middle of the summer of 13 and its lasted through the winter with degrees to -15 with a wind chill down to -30 and still going I played my system through it all and nothing fell off its good for the price I felt it was easy to apply and it seemed to have some quality in how it felt note: I have used second skin and I would suggest it, if you funds can meet the expense, other wise gt mat is not bad
  7. i want in on this!!!! fyi it isnt a bare box this time lol build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/178404-98-honda-civic-140db-sundown-x-12/ heres a vid of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdsqbL-c0Tk some pics
  8. got my new amp saz 1500d v2 changed up the back a little bit but heres all the work i did to finish out the front its a littel messy back there havent vacumed it yet one more pic
  9. lol I already ditched my ac and power sterring is about to go lol im doing a d16z6 swap in the summer so I might do sumthing like that if my funding cant take a ho in the stock location
  10. ok so ive been trying to get my amp tuned with a dd-1 but I cant find a single soul that has one in my area so im going to go tune with a multimeter but I know that it does above rated so I need some clamp test results or ad-1 results or something that tells me what this will do anyone with info please help I need to be able to tune my amp
  11. awesome that's rightin my price range too thanks for the info man
  12. my guess is that you did a series parallel wireing job (going by ur final impedence) so with you wireing some subs to series the movement is reversed and there could be your problem also it could just be the camera if you could find out the fram rate of your camera you could play a note that matches it and you will see if your subs are actually moving out of sequence aka if it has a frame rate of 60 per sec play a 60hz test tone
  13. thank you for ur help by chance doyou remember what you paid for your alt?? just wanna get an idea on what ohio generator runs.
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