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  1. update inc, will avoid eye contact to avoid being in the next music video
  2. Possible new job = more money for audio?

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    2. Hillage


      Haven't put thought into it yet but that would be clean

    3. Hillage


      Problem is, I like small cars lol

    4. Carnines


      wall off a crx then

  3. Static with the new amp and woofers, can't figure out why :(

    1. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Check your grounds.

  4. New Fosgate speakers and amp, first real big upgrade SQ-wise for myself... Maybe have to make a new door panel too :/

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    2. Gunnem
    3. Hillage


      WHAT that's impressive

    4. Hillage


      Almost finished today, just need to pick up some mounting hardware tomorrow... ran out of sunlight

  5. This may be my favorite next to the full red moon... I need to learn how to edit pictures.
  6. damn man, those are some nice pics! so sexy Lol thanks. First time sitting down with a camera besides a phone, but I know a few basics. Always kinda wanted to get into photography
  7. I'm new to this, but here's a few I snagged tonight. I might have to get some real equipment now, this was fun lol.
  8. Idk how I never heard about this album but thank you for introducing me to it. And yes, it does sound pretty awesome
  9. Finally getting rid of these sony xplod's and building a system of my own...

    1. Wood


      Congrats lol

    2. deathcards


      ahhh graduation day lol

  10. If I had to guess, the earliest it'll be out for PC is in time for the holidays. If not, then have fun waiting til mid 2014...
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