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  1. Long shot, but looking to pick up a remote gain for my Diamond Audio D5 1200.1. Having trouble locating one online. California, Sacramento area-ish.
  2. update inc, will avoid eye contact to avoid being in the next music video
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll definitely contact the company and see if I can get any info from them. I own a Klein MM1000 if that means anything. I'd be interested in the DIY method if you could fill me in
  4. I know it has only been 3 days but seeing as I cannot find ANY info on these subs, plus no response I have to assume I'm going in blind. That being said, is there any way to: A: Test the sub for specs or B: Build a box without knowing the specs Was thinking just a simple sealed box, but I don't even know where to begin. I could take a guess, experiment a bit, but don't want to drop too much money on multiple boxes for an entry-level build for somebody not too serious about SQ or SPL.
  5. What's up guys, I have an old Gravity GR-1260NP 12" sub layin around that I plan on putting into my stepbrother's car. It is labeled as 800W, but I have no other information besides that. Was wondering if anybody has some info/specs on this sub. Now, that being said, I want to build a box for this sub. Nothing major, just want to get some bass going in his new car. He wants more SQ, but obviously wants to show off to his buddies. Would a sealed box be better than a ported, especially with not having any specs on the sub? Any advice here is much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Even without music (or anything plugged in at that) I still hear it. I've tried CD and Aux. I'd like to repeat: The high end sounds muddled. The mids actually don't sound that bad. I'm starting to question if the sound is fine and the tweeters just don't sound great and wanted any thoughts on this... As always thanks for the help.
  7. The crossovers are built into the mids. I also tested with another speaker plugged into my new amp, as well as a separate amp, separate amp/speaker, and completely new setup outside of the whole car. I've tried all ways. Started with separate speakers but same wire in car. Eventually went through another amp, different speakers, and eventually ended with a completely separate amp, speaker, and power all outside of the car... I've tried another set of RCA's to the amp. Also plugged Aux>RCA straight into the amp and the sound still existed. Again I want to state (mainly because of my confusion) I basically tested with a completely different setup outside of the car. Different amp, speakers (tried a few), power/wires (tried different wires here too). Nothing was the same from my original setup and I still heard the sound? Was this just a coincidence?
  8. Alright, update time. Used a different amp, different power source, different speakers, and they ALL have this static noise. Is this something normal?? After tweaking with many settings in the headunit and the amp it seems that the tweeters sound not so good. I'm not sure if this has to do with the static as I previous thought. Does anybody have any experience with the Rockford Fosgate P1675-S, or more specifically the P1T-S tweeters? Would it be worth ordering separate tweeters to replace the fosgate tweeters? The mids ended up sounding ok however the tweeters were very muddled and harsh. I'm just so confused as to why every speaker would have this static sound and whether or not this is contributing to my poor sounding tweeters. Thanks guys.
  9. Alright, tested the amp and both old speakers. Amp had pos and grnd hooked up to another car battery. Even WITHOUT RCA's plugged in there was static... Time to send in the amp? Only a little confused because I tested a separate amp inside the car but wired in the same and it still had static. I can always retry it to see if it was just a fluke.
  10. I have not tested the amp itself outside of the current power source. How would you recommend doing so? Run positive and ground straight from a battery?
  11. Yes. Tested with a new wire to one of the old speakers I am replacing (not mounted, no physical contact with anything). This particular speaker (well, all in the past) have never had this problem. * edited summary to include this *
  12. My bad. Summary: Tested headunit ground, sub amp ground and mids amp ground. Tried new grounds for all as well. Ran separate RCA cable away from all other cables. Tested different speaker to eliminate new speakers as well as new speaker wires and mounting. Tested direct input to amp from iphone>RCA. Tested current amp with old speaker (old speaker never had static in old setup). Tested new amp with old speaker (old speaker never had static in old setup). Tested with different amp. Did test with a ground loop isolator on both sides of RCA on both amps. I think that's everything... Do note that the 'static' only comes from the front speakers and tweeters, not the rear (which are factory wiring) Again, I appreciate the help. Just super disappointed right now with how this has gone.
  13. Any help here guys? Any ideas to just toss around? Really disappointed to drop money on this setup just to have it sound worse than stock...
  14. Update: Tested resistance on ground wires. The wire itself is good (from mids amp), the connection between the two grounds is good, as well as from one wire to another (so both grounds are good, all paint removed etc). Still clueless... Any advice would be much appreciated. About ready to return everything and go back to stock...
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